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Top reasons why it is worth sailing in Santorini

Top reasons why it is worth sailing in Santorini

Santorini is an island so unique and striking that for many it is the most picturesque in the Mediterranean. The famous editor of Lonely Planet guides includes Sailing in Santorini among the 20 places around the world that you must visit.

Conceived by many as the jewel of the Cyclades, it can be said that the island of Santorini is paradise. Let yourself go and enjoy the 5 places you should not miss on the island of Santorini.

1x1.transHere are Top reasons why you should Sailing in Santorini:


  • Santorini is a small archipelago formed by five islands (Thira, Thirassia, Palia Kameni, Nia Kameni and Aspronisi) of volcanic origin that is part of the Cyclades Islands (Greek Aegean Islands), located about 75 kilometres from mainland Greece.


  • The island owes its current shape to a volcanic explosion that caused the island to collapse forming a kind of submerged caldera and large cliffs of more than 300 meters bordering it.


  • Santorini is one of the main tourist destinations in Greece and throughout Europe. It is famous for its beaches (dark sand), the views from its high cliffs and the nightlife atmosphere.


  • The history of Santorini has been really intense. Initially united to the league of Delos, it passed through successive periods of domination of the Egyptians, the Romans, the Byzantine Empire, the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire. Since 1840, the island belongs to Greece.


  • The capital located on one of the cliffs is Fira or Thira (with approximately 12,000 inhabitants) and its main port, connected to the town by funicular.


  • Santorini has been linked by different historians and archaeologists as a place related to the Atlantis myth.


  • There is an intense maritime traffic of boats of all sizes that connect Santorini with other Aegean islands and with Piraeus.

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