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Crete Day Cruise

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Our Catamaran Fleet is fitted and designed to your comfort and entertainment. Far from the hustle and bustle of the island, our cruise offers a breath-taking day on the crystal water of the Cretan Sea and the Isolated Beaches with the Unique Wild Beauty. This is a unique concept on Crete Island and all the ingredients are here to guarantee an amazing day.

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Catamaran Daily Cruises Crete

An amazing voyage all around Cretan Sea.

Crete, located in the Southern part of the Aegean Sea, is the biggest and most populated island of Greece (around 600,000 people). A Daily Cruise in Crete will take you around the Aegean Sea, the Cretan Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, where you will experience the unique wild beauty and get to see some isolated beaches unspoiled by massive tourism.

Apart from having pristine beaches and crystal clear waters where you can have a refreshing swim, the largest Greek Island also has a big mountain range that crosses it from west to east. Due to its landscape being quite diverse, Crete’s weather depends on which area you are visiting. It actually consists of two different climates: a Mediterranean type of weather if you are closer to the sea (warm sunny days, high humidity and mild winters), or a North African weather if you are near the mountains: you should be able to see snowy mountaintops.

Getting to Crete is quite easy as it is one of the most important islands of the country. There are three airports in Crete, the most important one located in Heraklion, the Island Capital (Nikos Kazantzakis Airport); another one in Chania (Daskalogiannis) and a small one in Sitia. You can also get to Crete by ferry, and by car or by bus as it is well connected by a road network that takes you everywhere.

Day Cruise in Crete – What would it be like

The daily cruise to Crete will take you all around the island from the most outstanding landscape to the ancient archaeological ruins. From gorges, to rivers and beaches, Crete stands out as the most popular island for daily cruises. While on your day cruise to Crete you will be able to enjoy not only pristine impressive beaches, but also admire ancient ruins that date from a long time ago.

With regards to its landscape, Crete has some steep gorges that tourists love. In Sitia you can visit the Richtis Gorge and Richtis waterfall, and the Gorge of the Dead. If you are a river lover, you shouldn’t miss Lake Agia and Lake Kournas; both with unbelievable freshwater.

The Gulf of Mirabello is one of the best for sailing. The main inland touristic attractions are the Minoan and Ancient archaeological sites in Knossos, Malia, Petras, Phaistos, the Venetian old city (Chania), the Venetian castle (Rethymno) and the palm forest Palm Beach of Vai, which is the biggest in Europe.

Crete also has quite a few museums worth visiting such as The Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

The capital city of Heraklion is also a must-visit while sailing on your daily cruise to Crete. Heraklion is located between two mountain ranges: Mt. Psiloritis and Lasithiotika mountains. It has quite a few vineyards and olive plantations, as well as a vast number of archaeological sites (the palace of Knossos and the harbour fortress), and lots of lovely villages where you can shop craft and handmade souvenirs, as well as grabbing a bite in any of the small but charming cafes.

From Balos beautiful blue lagoons to the old harbour of Chania, a daily cruise to Crete will cover all the most stunning spots this island has to offer. While on board, you will be served some fresh Mediterranean food to make your experience even more delightful. Some areas of the Island are environmentally protected so make sure to check before getting there.

What to bring for your Crete Day cruise

Getting ready for your daily cruise to Crete is quite easy as we provide you almost everything you need to have the best experience of your life. For the adventurous passengers, we will be providing snorkelling equipment as well as maps with extensive info on landmarks and destinations for you to decide where to dive in and where to explore while inland.

When it comes to safety, life jackets are also provided. A crew of professionals will sail with us through the whole voyage and will be there for you whenever it is necessary. Don’t hesitate to talk to them if you have any doubt.

Nonetheless, there are a few items that we want to remind you of as they will not be provided by us. Sunlight will be constant (when outside the catamaran) so you should definitely bring a water-proof sunscreen as well as a hat and sunglasses. If you love taking long walks on the beach or trekking then do bring a pair of comfortable shoes as well as sandals as the sand might be too hot to be barefoot.

Also, do not forget to bring your camera, mobile phone or whatever you use to record your most treasure moments! Now you are ready for the adventure!

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