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Anyone can dream a great vacation. But it can be hard work to make it happen — and to find a travel agent who truly specializes in your trip. At LuxuryCatamarans, we carefully select the best Catamarans, adding experiences that will linger in your memory.

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Bali 4.5 – Best deal ever

I was really impressed with the service given by George. He was always quick to respond and provided me all the information I needed. He offered a really nice catamaran at a very attractive price for us. I've shopped around in many places but George gave me by far the best deal out of all the vendor...

Aug 22, 2017

Lagoon 560 – Yacht Life!

Firstly, the entire experience was beyond amazing! The staff were so friendly and helpful, the catamaran was extremely clean, and overall everything had a touch of class. We were 3 friends on this trip, 2 of them had a bit of motion sickness, the staff assisted them in every way possible. The servic...

Johannesburg, South Africa
Aug 12, 2018

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Catamaran charter Croatia, get ready for a unique way to explore the Adriatic Sea!

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Catamaran Croatia – get ready for a unique way to explore the Adriatic Sea!


Are you ready to discover Croatia? Located at the southeast of Europe, this small coastal country has everything you need for a perfect vacation. With a population of about 4.29 million (most of them living in the country’s capital Zagreb), Croatia prides itself for having a mix of interesting places to visit and things to do that attract thousands of tourist all year long. From historic seaside towns, epic nightlife, and more than a thousand islands, Croatia has always been a destination that tourists visit more than once. And not only because the city of Dubrovnik became insanely famous after being chosen as a filming location for the popular TV show Game of Thrones!


Because of being located on the Adriatic Sea as well as being surrounded by mountain ranges, Croatian weather really depends on what area you are visiting. All the coastal towns enjoy a Mediterranean-like climate, with an average temperature of 27°. If you are sailing all along the Adriatic Sea, then you are in for a treat!


There are many ways to get to Croatia; you can reach the country by train, buses, renting a car, getting on a ferry and of course, by plane. Whatever the transport you chose to arrive, Croatia will greet you with open arms! So stop dreaming and start traveling!

What do bring/important to know for your Sailing Croatia Holidays


Ready for your Croatian voyage? Before your adventure starts we would like to point out some essentials just in case you missed them! When cruising around Croatia ALWAYS apply sunscreen. The use of a hat and sunglasses is also recommended. So make sure you bring them with you! Especially when travelling with children.


We would also like to remind you that WIFI, snorkelling equipment, and maps will be provided on board, so you can make the best out of your voyage around Croatian waters.

Catamaran Croatia islands

While sailing around Croatia you should definitely visit the island of Korcula. The sixth biggest Adriatic island is the perfect combination of vibrant culture and captivating nature. From thick forests and dazzling beaches to the upbeat Old Town packed with exciting activities, Korcula stands out as the place to be if you are in for an unforgettable experience!


If you are an architecture lover, then Split is your ideal destination. Declared as a World Heritage site by the Unesco, this historical city is full of interesting buildings such as churches, cathedrals, and fortresses. The main attraction is the Diocletian’s Palace; you will be transported back in time with its impressive Roman architecture! One of the last ruins of its kind still standing.


Hvar, celebrities’ most favourite luxury vacations spot, is another Croatian island you don’t want to miss. Known for being the world’s biggest lavanda producer, Hvar white-sand beaches and pristine forest will leave you craving for more. Truly ideal for beach enthusiasts as it possesses one of the most pleasant weather of all the Adriatic Sea. Hvar has to be your next island crush!


After leaving Hvar, your next stop should be Trogir. This little beautiful town built on a super small island (1km approximately) with a rich cultural heritage and tons of roman churches, gothic palaces, and buildings with Renaissance and Baroque architecture, is a must-visit. The town centre was declared World Heritage site by the UNESCO in 1997 due to its unbelievable rich cultural heritage.

Another hotspot you don’t want to miss while voyaging all along coast with catamaran Croatia is the city of Makarska. As well as having a quite popular almost 2km-long beach, Makarska charm also lies on its picturesque city centre: full of markets and coffee shops spread across little stone-paved streets. Two of the town main attractions you should definitely visit before departing to the next item on your list are the Franciscan Monastery and the Makarska Cathedral.

Our last recommendation is the city of –yes, you know which one– Dubrovnik. There must be a reason why it was chosen as a location of such a popular TV show, right? The truth is, there are many reasons why Dubrovnik is pretty high on most tourist’s bucket list. Surrounded by astonishing nature and mind-blowing architecture, Dubrovnik was made for exploring.

With this island-starter list, you better start packing!