Croatian Coast – You should see that!

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Croatian Coast is associated mainly with turquoise sea and rocky or pebble beaches. However, in Croatia, you will also find sandy beaches. And what are the most interesting places of the Croatian Coast?

Zlatni Rat Beach on the island of Brac

It is a characteristic golden triangle jutting out into the sea. The beach is surrounded on one side by the azure sea, and on the other by lush green forest. The beach looks wonderful on aerial photographs as well as live. This is an obligatory point for everyone who is in the area.

Šibenik and the fortress of Saint. Nicholas

The red roof cascades are directed towards the water. Here and there emerges the semi-circular vault of St. Jacob and the soaring windows of the fortress of St. Nicholas. Šibenik is worth visiting at night so that you can soak up the beautiful views and the friendly atmosphere of open-to-late cafes.

Krka National Park

The road to the park leads through a picturesque mountain gorge. The reserve protects up to 860 species of plants and 211 species of birds, but its biggest attraction is the seven waterfalls falling with a bang. The longest of them, Skradinski Buk, consists of 17 cascades. Their total length is 800 m! One of the world’s oldest hydroelectric plants was operating at the waterfall. It was commissioned in 1895, just two days after the Niagara plant was opened. Both were designed by the same creator, Nikola Tesla.


In addition to the beautiful Croatian Coast beaches, you can visit the most beautiful city of Croatia and take a gondola lift to the nearby hills. From there, there is a view of the Adriatic coast and the historical center of Dubrovnik.


Trogir on the Croatian Coast – because of the large number of monuments, is called small Dubrovnik. The Kamerlengo fortress standing on the very edge of the island today often serves as a film set, and the old town of Trogir was entered in the UNESCO list in 1997.


Hvar is a fabulous holiday resort. The city is full of monuments, beautiful views and restaurants with outdoor tables. The central square of the city, in terms of its size, is the second, after St. A brand in Venice, an urban market on the Adriatic.

Virtually every tourist spot in the Croatian Coast has something to look out for. Croatian Coast is a gem of European coasts! This is without a doubt the most beautiful coast in southern Europe.

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