AEGEAN Islands – The cosmopolitan islands of Argosaronikos

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The islands of Argosaronikos Gulf are a short distance from Athens. A common feature of all the islands is the wonderful seas and clean shores, the pleasant island atmosphere, the hospitable inhabitants and the good tourist infrastructure.

Τhe many opportunities for sports, activities, entertainment and good food, folk art and architecture, local customs, rich interests.

Drive for a romantic experience!  

1. Agistri

It is probably the best choice for anyone who wants to take a break near Athens, or for those who want a one-day respite and relaxation in the summer.

It is a small terrestrial paradise of the Saronic Gulf, drowned in the green, with the pine trees touching its blue waters. In Agistri, you will find green pine forests, sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, traditional color, tranquility, tranquility, but also intense nightlife for those who want it.

 2. Aegina

A jewel of the Argosaronic. Little, sweet, just an hour from Athens, Aegina will be enchanted.

A retro walk in the city of Aegina with its listed houses will make you love it… and then diving and relaxing in its blue waters!


3. Poros

The “little Venice” of Argosaronic. The small island of the Saronic Gulf with its pine trees, tranquility and nobility.

Tavernas, marinas and yachts, neoclassical buildings, a clock that counts good moments, pines to the sea, tranquility and tranquility.

Sailing boats and sailing boats are here with you. And in the evening the lights reflect a cosmopolitan atmosphere in the water, with drinks, cocktails, shots and music. Ideal vacations, a breath away from Athens.

The tiny Chora, the harbor and capital of the island, keeps its old charm. The fresh neoclassical buildings, the narrow streets that lead to the inner part of the settlement and, above all, the beauty of the landscape (reminding you of a tranquil lagoon) will make you feel like you are returning to a favorite holiday destination.  A walk is taken from romantic novels…


4. Hydra

The lord of the Argosaronikos! Discover the beauty of a lilliputian Greek island that seduced the international jet set, as well as artists such as Chagall and Picasso.

The island of “celebrities” of then and now. All Hydra, a walk… An island without cars and with scenic bays for your dives.


5. Spetses

One of the top travel destinations for your summer holidays. Of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan islands of Argosaronikos.

Cosmopolitanism and aristocratic aura. Drive for a romantic experience on one of the wagons still on the island, passing through the Old Port, Agios Nikolaos, Dapia. Spetses all in a walk!

The narrow streets of the town of Spetses are characterized by the particularly interesting traditional architecture, with neoclassical houses, pebble yards, colorful fragrant flowers and beautiful balconies. Spetses is forbidden to drive cars.

In this cosmopolitan island of Argosaronikos, you will surely enjoy a holiday in style! Spetses have the capacity to make you feel unique, “chosen” 

Have a good trip.


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