The 10 Best Things to Do and See in Mykonos

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Mykonos is one of, if not the, most famous islands in all of the Aegean Sea. Bright and cosmopolitan, it has been a magnet of high profile guests since the 1960s.

It is no surprise then that it was voted as one of the top holiday destinations to visit. With its amazing beaches, award-winning restaurants, and mythical parties that last all night long, it is a must-visit destination.

The list of celebrities who visit Mykonos is constantly growing: Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Steven Spielberg, Monica Bellucci, Liam Nisson, Hugh Jackman, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Clive Owen, Jean Paul Gotti, Giorgio Armani, Russell Crowe, and many more. 

Particularly open to diversity, Mykonos is considered the most gay-friendly destination in Greece and is one of the most popular in the world. 

  -The Top 10 Parts of Mykonos Worth Seeing


1. Visit the Most Famous City in the Aegean

Visit Mykonos Town and marvel at the white cubist architecture which engulfs the island. Mykonos is also home to many old churches and wells. Take a walk through its narrow streets and admire this beautiful city. 


2. Shop in Chora

 Shop in Chora and see the latest collections from brilliant fashion and jewelry designers. You will find plenty of branded clothes and accessories, jewelry, and other fashionable goods. 


3. See Gialos

In Gialos you can see the famous Mycenae Pelicans and visit Aghios Nikolaos town, a town whose town hall was built in 1780!


4. Visit Little Venice

See “Little Venice” and view tiny cute little houses built in the 18th century that have foundations in the sea! It is said that pirates used to come to this island and use the doorsteps of the houses on the water as miniature planks to make people walk off of. Today, the homes are filled with bars and restaurants. 


5. Visit the Lower Mills

The other trademark landmark of Mykonos, the Kato Myloi windmills, used to grate greats using the power of the north winds until the beginning of the 20th century! In the evenings, they are lit up with a beautiful glow. 


6. Swim!

Visit the beautiful quiet and secluded beaches of Agios Sostis, Kapari, and Fokos.

If you like busier beaches, however, visit Psarou, Ornos, Paradise, and Platis Gialos where there are parties all of the time!


7.-Visit the Armenist Lighthouse

See this ledgendary lighthouse which stands on the edge of Phanar. Enjoy stunning views of sunsets as you relax!


8. Scuba Dive!

Scuba dive and see octopi, starfish, sponges, and maybe even Monachus-Monachus seals! There are many diving centers on the island which offer diving in reefs, caves, and even shipwrecks!


9. Ride Your Boat to Islands Rinia and Delos

Visit Rinia and dive into its crystal clear blue waters and spend time relaxing on its beaches. 

Visit Delos, what is considered the island of Apollo, the god of light, and visit its archeological sites. 


10. Drink Water from the Three Pigadia (Three Wells) at the Center of Mykonos

Tradition says that anyone who drinks the water from the wells in the center of the village will never leave the island!





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