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Mykonos Day Cruise

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Our Catamaran Fleet is fitted and designed to your comfort and entertainment. Far from the hustle and bustle of the island, our cruise offers a breath-taking day on the crystal water of the Aegean Sea and at the end of the day the Famous Historical Monument of Delos Island. This is a unique concept on Mykonos Island and all the ingredients are here to guarantee an amazing day.

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Mykonos Day Cruise itinerary

Day time

Time range


  • Day Cruise

    10:00 – 15:30

    5:30 hours

  • Sunset Cruise

    15:00 – 21:00

    5:30 hours

  • Full Day Cruise

    12:00 – 20:00

    8 hours


1st Stop – At the Rineia North Beach for a refreshing swim. Continue along the East of the Rineia.

2nd Stop – Chapel Bay. You can simply lay on the beach surrounded by raw nature. The more adventurous of you may also explore the island on foot.

3rd Stop – Delos. You will have plenty of time to swim in the crystal waters, put on a pair goggles and flippers and see underwater life up close. At Delos, our trip will continue with a visit to one of the most famous archaeological sites in Greek history: the birthplace of the Ancient God Apollo


1st Stop – Agios Ioannis. The Famous Powdery Golden Sand & the crystal Blue Waters. Ideal for swimming & relaxing.

2nd Stop – Ornos Beach for a refreshing swim. Continue along Psarou & Paraga Beach.

3rd Stop – Super Paradise. You will have plenty of time to swim in the crystal waters, put on a pair goggles and flippers and see underwater life up close. Where the music never stops!.

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Mykonos Day Trips with Catamaran

A once-in-a-lifetime experience all along the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea.Get ready for one of the most memorable days of your life while taking a cruise to the Mediterranean!

Mykonos, the worldwide known and famous Greek island, is a destination you won’t dare to miss. Located at the center of the Cyclades, this island is one of the smallest but nevertheless most renowned Greek beauties. It has an area of about 90km and population of approximately 12,500. There are some Greek legends regarding how Mykonos was formed. The most popular one states that its rock formation derives from the petrified bodies of the giants that Hercules killed. Another one states that it was Poseidon himself who built the island. No matter what legend you decide to believe, or if you decide to believe any legend at all, Mykonos will definitely feel like a place out of this Earth.

The Greek island of Mykonos, also known as “the island of the winds” attracts all kinds of travellers. And although its highlights are mainly nature-related (such as its paradisiacal beaches) Mykonos is also known and preferred by many tourists due to having a gay-friendly atmosphere and a nightlife not-easy to forget. No wonder why it is also referred to as “the Ibiza of Greece”.

Regarding its climate, Mykonos has the typical Mediterranean weather, so you will be able to enjoy lots of warm sunny days. The average high temperature is around 28°, but during Summer it can rise up to 40°. Mykonos day trips will provide you with all the most fascinating views of the Island while you enjoy yourself and relax on our catamarans, designed exclusively for your comfort.

Mykonos Day Trips – What would it be like

Are you ready for your Mykonos day trips? We offer you the possibility of enjoying Mykonos in three different ways. You can either start your day cruising all along the Aeagean Sea, or if you are more of a sunset lover, you can finish your day by looking how the sun sets in one of the most famous destinations on Earth, or, of course, you can choose our Full Day Cruise and discover everything Mykonos has to offer.

Mykonos day trips starts at 10 in the morning. Our first stop will be at Rineia North Beach for a refreshing swim. Don’t be shy, dive into the Mediterranean waters and make the most out of this incredible Daily cruise to Mykonos.

We will continue all along the East Coast of Rineia until we reach Chapel Bay. Once we stop here, you can either walk along the island or just lay on the beach and enjoy the pristine surroundings.

The 3rd stop will be at Delos where you will have the chance to swim and even go snorkelling. After enjoying yourself in the Mediterranean waters, we will continue the Daily Cruise to Mykonos with a visit to a well-known archaeological site in Greece: the birthplace of the Greek God Apollo and the Greek Goddess Artemis.

Mykonos Sunset Cruise begins at 15 in the afternoon. Our first stop will be at Agios Loannis, best known for its crystal-clear waters, where you can enjoy yourself by taking a swim or just lay on the Powdery Golden sand. The Mykonos day trips will continue to Ornos Beach, where you will also have the chance to dive into the Mediterranean waters for a relaxing swim. Then, we will continue along Psarou and Paraga Beach.

Finally, we will arrive in Super Paradise where the music never stops! Here you will also have the chance to swim or just enjoy the amazing landscapes around you. If you are in for a full day adventure, then you should definitely embark on our Full Day cruise to Mykonos for an 8-hour amazing experience!

What to bring for your Mykonos Day trips

We want you to get a kick out of your Mykonos day trips so here are some tips to consider before embarking on this Mediterranean adventure! We provide you with a pickup service from your location so make sure to be ready when we get there.

When packing for your Mykonos day trips, please do pack a water-resistant sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses, as the Sun gets quite intense in this side of the world. Also, please, remember to pack your bathing suit as you will have plenty of opportunities to go for a swim. A pair of flip flops is also recommended as you will be walking around the beaches and the sand is usually too hot for being barefoot.

Lastly, as all our Catamarans are equipped with WIFI do pack a charger as your mobile might run out of battery for taking thousands of pictures and making lots of videos.

For the adventurous ones, snorkelling equipment will be provided onboard as well as highly informative maps with all the locations we will be travelling to.

While on board, our crew will be at your disposal, so in case you have any doubt or any requirement whatsoever do not hesitate and talk to them!

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