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Sailing Greece

Rent a catamaran in Greece and be in for an unforgettable time!

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Sailing Greece Rent a catamaran in Greece and be in for an unforgettable time!

Welcome to Greece, the top destination for luxury catamaran cruises. Located in Southern Europe, this diverse Mediterranean country has countless attractions for all kinds of tourists. From interesting history and mythology, different architecture styles to beautiful landscapes that include beaches, thick vegetation, forests and even mountains, Greece stands out as the ideal spot for being discovered and explored by sailing. So rent a catamaran in Greece and sail your way around its crystal clear waters.


The Mediterranean country, the birthplace of some of the world’s most recognized philosophers and greatest minds of all times, has a population of 11 million spread across the mainland as well as in all the surrounding islands and islets. And although it is a widely known touristic destination (everyone wants to set foot on Greek ruins such as The Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens), there are a few off-the-beaten-track spots that still remain unspoiled by massive tourism and will provide you with splendid views.


Moreover, the UNESCO has granted the title of World Heritage Site to 18 Greek locations. From its capital Athens, to Olympia, Hydra, Santorini, and Paros there is always a place worth discovering. One of the most ancient civilizations will captivate you in such a way that you will see yourself coming back again year after year.

What to bring for your Sailing Greece Holidays


Our luxury catamarans are packed with everything you need to have the most amazing experience ever. Nevertheless, there are some personal items you should bring as they are not provided. Sunscreen, sunglasses are recommended as sailing across the Mediterranean will expose you to constant sunlight. Comfortable shoes are also advised as you will be adventuring to land and strolling around beautiful coastal towns and long beaches. A swimsuit is a must. You are in charge of your own itinerary but we are sure you will be stopping for a refreshing swim somewhere along the way.

We will provide you with maps and top recommendations so you can make the best out of sailing around Greek waters.

Sailing Greek islands

Renting a catamaran and sailing all along Greek waters will provide you with a perfect insight into Greece most well-known islands and cities as well as some off-the-beaten-path locations, including white-sanded beaches and crystal clear waters. Renting a catamaran will also give you the freedom to create your own itinerary. You will be able to stop whenever and wherever you want. And although Greece has tons of out of this world islands, here are some destinations we definitely recommend you to visit.


Have you ever picture yourself standing at the top of a Catamaran and enjoying the perfect sunset? Corfu Island will be just that. Even during winter months, you will enjoy an average temperature of 10 degrees. Corfu Town, the Island Capital, is a mix of breath-taking nature and interesting architecture. Olive trees and thick Mediterranean vegetation will greet you as soon as you arrive.


The Island of Paros is another spot you don’t want to miss while sailing in Greece. If you are in for pristine beaches and sunbathing locations, Paros is your destination. Worldwide known for its white marble (the Venus de Milo was carved from Parian marble), Paros has a lot of beaches you can sunbathe in and go for a swim. Golden Beach, Monastery Beach, Krios Beach, and Chrisis Aktis Beach are just the beginning!


Lefkada, one of the most popular island for Luxury Catamaran Cruises, is the place to visit if you are in for an exotic experience! Also famous for its white-sanded beaches, this 35km long lonian Island will definitely keep you entertained. While exploring Lefkada you will enjoy a beautiful warm Mediterranean weather with lots of sunlight hours. Are you an adventure lover? Then look no further: mountains cover more than half the island (the highest peak being at Stavrota). If trekking is your favourite hobby, this island is for you.


Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini are other stunning destinations you should cross off your bucket list! Pristine beaches, old buildings, street markets, delicious food, mind-blowing landscape, unbelievable sunsets, wild parties, and chill-out bars, Greece has everything you could possibly ask for not matter what kind of holiday you are looking for!

Renting a Luxury catamaran and sailing around Greek waters is an experience you won’t regret.