Itinerary: 7 days Greek Islands – Cyclades (from Mykonos)

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The most famous islands of Greece invite you to discover the reasons why they have been leading world travel destinations for years. The duration of travel between islands is estimated approximately on an average speed of the boat.


MYKONOS (One of the most popular and favorite destinations in Greece and around the world)

The most famous island of the Aegean with Santorini. Bright and cosmopolitan, it has been a magnet since 1960 to the present day VIPs of the whole planet. Mythical names of the international jet set were connected with Mykonos.

It is voted in the top places of the best holiday destinations: excellent beaches, award-winning restaurants, the best of the Mediterranean, with many distinctions and awards, endless mythical parties that do not stop all summer, expensive yachts, dream villas, five-star beach service.

Mykonos will tease you. But above all, it will release you. Here you will be transformed, you will be left… and you will feel uncomfortable in love with life. Spinning all-white against the background of the blue of the Aegean. Particularly open to diversity, the Mykonians welcomed the gay community and Mykonos became the most gay-friendly destination in Greece and the most popular in the world.

The most famous country in the Aegean. In the photographed Little Venice, the houses built in the 18th century have foundations in the sea. Today they host bars and restaurants and from their balconies, the glow of the Aegean is blinding.

The other trademark of Mykonos, Kato Myloi, grated the grains with the power of the north until the beginning of the 20th century. Today, they gaze at the sea illuminated in the evenings.

Holidays in Mykonos means fun: lunch and dinner, improvised or organized parties, famous DJs from around the world!

Stunning beach, cocktails in the boat overlooking the illuminated Mills, champagne, dance and flirting until the night.

See what Mykonos has for you. The scuba diving presents a different world and recommends you to selected “local Mykonians”,  such as octopuses, starfish, snorkels, sponges or Monachus-Monachus seals! You will find many diving centers, which offer diving in reefs, caves, shipwrecks or mysterious night dives. Mykonos will tease you.


It is necessary to sail the boat to nearby Delos to admire the remnants of the past and history. Delos is the island of Apollo, the god of light. So, in the evening as the archaeological site closes and you start the way back, enjoy the unique sunset…


Sail your boat in Rinia

Meet “neighbor” Rinia with the boat, dive into the blue waters and cool off the Cycladic air. Peace, relaxation and enjoyment under the sun.



You are in the largest, most fertile and autonomous island of the Cyclades. In the harbor, you are welcomed by Ancient Portara – the marble supernatural frame, the same as the National Geographic label – and the view of the medieval castle. The island with a history of centuries, unique sights, alternating landscapes, hospitable inhabitants and good food.

A visit to Naxos is not complete without the exploration of the picturesque countryside and the mountain villages of the island, which have been inhabited for centuries.

It’s no coincidence that the popular tripadvisor holiday site has made it the number two in the preferences of its traveler-members in Europe but also the 6th best island in the world after a big vote.

It could also be described as a culinary destination since it produces some of the country’s excellent products such as its famous cheese, but also its splendid beaches that awarded Naxos and the Guardian.


A well-hidden terrestrial paradise is Koufonisia. A place worth visiting by boat.

Exotic beaches, caves… for hunted pirates and bold lovers. Peace, relaxation, parties that sparkle and places to hide from the voices, to calm down, against the backdrop of the endless blue of the Aegean.

Crystal, clear waters, dreamy landscapes and music inspired by the moonlit nights. In Koufonisia there is only one settlement. From here you will also pass through this Cycladic microcosm that invites you to wander in its narrow streets. The hospitable Mediterranean basin is ready to offer you the most exotic dives of your life.

3rd DAY (Monday): AMORGOS-IOS


You will also find yourself discovering a Greek island untouched by mass tourism, where ancient customs, old paths, and authentic villages are kept. With traditional cafes that will treat you to the wonderful raki of Amorgos.

Panagia Chozoviotissa: A Miracle in the Aegean Can you climb 300 steep stairs? Arriving at the monastery of Hozoviotissa, the view of the Aegean will compensate you. One of the oldest monasteries, its enchanting waters, its picturesque cobbled streets, the intoxicating sunset, the unprecedented relaxation… Amorgos is the island of endless blue!

When you come, you will find out how varied, wild and fascinating is this island.


Ios is the perfect holiday that you dreamed about in the winter. A Greek island, where wild entertainment takes flesh and bones. But it is something deeper – the beauty of breakfast… with the Aegean background… after the party. In Ios, entertainment has no boundaries or borders. A long tradition has linked her to wild entertainment and summer parties.

Ios is also a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches, traditional settlement, hospitality, but also for good food, smile and tradition! The most famous sight of Ios is the famous tomb of Homer, located north of the island.


4th DAY (Tuesday): SANTORINI


Welcome to one of the most beautiful Greek islands and the most romantic destination in Greece!

That island distinct from the others… a unique geological phenomenon, a brilliant majestic state built on the edge of the cliff, with picturesque hamlets, cobblestone streets, cave houses, dug in the volcanic rocks, either whole or with additional built.

The “Pompeii Aegean” houses built on volcanic terrain, with the simple Cycladic lines, and with a unique architectural “innovation”. Meet one of the most important cultures of the Aegean. Dive into the mysterious seabed of Santorini, see its famous sunset not described in words, try its unique wines from volcanic vineyards that count over 3,200 years of life.

Beaches full of color… Dive into beaches with black, red and white sand or colorful pebbles and sculptured by the salt and wind rocks. A unique setting that you will not find anywhere else in Greece… For lovers of good food… Santorini at your table! Overlooking the endless blue, traditional Mediterranean cuisine and the unique white and red wines of Santorini will take your mood off.

The sunset, every year is attracting couples to the volcanic island to enjoy the amazing view from the balcony of the Caldera. It is the famous sunset of all Santorini. A unique sight for your eyes only. Santorini is full of love…



One of the diamonds of the Cyclades. It is the “new Santorini” and the “new Mykonos”. It is one of the smallest and most picturesque Cycladic islands, with 32 square kilometers of land and about 650 permanent residents.

The landscape is so wild and charming! Its shores are steep and form many capes… but with a sea!

6th DAY (Thursday)MILOS -SIFNOS


Meet the most exotic island of the Aegean. It is an island beyond the ordinary.

Take your boat and enjoy the colorful kaleidoscope of the beaches of Milos in all its splendor. Take a stroll in the picturesque colorful settlement on the water, where the harbor of ancient Milos was.

Wander around the settlement and wait for the sunset… The beaches of Milos are special and the most beautiful of the Cyclades. The Pirates of the Middle Ages had their lakes on the island of Milos… Their traces will be found in Kleftiko.

The famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos, which is now in the Louvre Museum (Paris), was found in Milos in 1820, while the copy is located at the Milos archaeological museum in Plaka.

Visit small and picturesque seaside villages and… taste the famous delicious lobster.


Quality vacation on the island of measure and harmony. Sifnos combines picturesque, gastronomy, folk art and tradition. It keeps a low profile without eccentricities and excesses, soothing the visitor.

An island that is famous for its architecture and the originality of its Cycladic beauty. Cosmic and elegant but simple and traditional at the same time, Sifnos is full of contradictions.



A popular destination, ideal for any type of holiday.

Paros, an island, white, like its famous marble… with its beautiful Cycladic-cobbled streets will give you a scent of jasmine and red bougainvillea and with its picturesque harbor make up a lively cinematic scenery, you will find it hard to find elsewhere land.

Paros will gladly give you what you want!

The morning return to Mykonos

Have a wonderful trip !!!

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