Itineraly:7 days AEGEAN Islands – Cyclades (from Athens to Santorini)

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The most famous islands of Greece invite you to discover the reasons why they have been leading world travel destinations for years.

The duration of travel between islands is estimated approximately on an average speed of the boat.



The Most Popular Attractions in the Athens ”Riviera”

Athens ”Riviera” is called the area in the southern suburbs of Athens from Piraeus to the southernmost point of the Attica peninsula in the Cape of Sounio. On this route, you will find the most cosmopolitan beaches of Athens, Alimos, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Lagonissi, and Varkiza

Cape Sounion is located 69 kilometers (43 mi) south- southeast of Athens, at the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula in Greece.

In recent years, the wider region due to its environmental value was declared a national park One of the most beautiful places in Europe where the temple of Poseidon dominates. Feel the energy of this landscape, drenched in the same light as in ancient times. A place of myths and legends.

The god of the sea – Τhe Doric Temple of Poseidon was built (around the same time as the Parthenon, 440 BC), standing proudly above the sea that the god adored. From this privileged point, you will have a panoramic view of the coastline and the neighboring islands of the Aegean Sea. It is world-famous its wonderful sunset.


2nd DAY (Sunday):  KYTHNOS 

Perhaps with the most beautiful beach of the Cyclades, Kythnos, modest and hospitable, unexpectedly beautiful and calm, welcomes you to its places.

When nature has a mood… it draws unique beauty beaches.

It has more than 70 beaches, many of which are still inaccessible by road. Of particular note is the crescent-shaped isthmus of fine sand at Kolona and the warm thermal springs at Loutra bay, which are said to have curative properties.

Picturesque villages with stone-paved cobbled streets, white houses, and blooming courtyards. Walk-in its neighborhoods, among tiled houses, and listen to its tranquility.

The gastronomy of Kythnos reflects its temperament: it is warm, family and simple. The tables on the waterfront, with umbrellas in the morning and evening candles, welcome friends Kythnos, simple and beloved!


3rd DAY (Monday): SERIFOS


Discover the scenic and charming Serifos. Island of intense contrasts with golden beaches and wild beauty. The capital of Serifos, the magnificent Chora, with windmills and paved pedestrian streets, is a beautiful island settlement. The amphitheatrical country of Serifos with cubic houses. Whitewashed houses with simple wooden blue windows and doors.


Τraditional, simple Cycladic architecture that keeps unchanging over the years.

Serifos is a scenic and quiet place with traditional taverns. Chora offers a charming setting and is suitable for strolling and fun. With beaches ideal for diving and with tranquil harbors for relaxation and romance.


4th DAY (Tuesday): SIFNOS


Quality vacation on the island of measure and harmony. Sifnos combines picturesque, gastronomy, folk art and tradition. It keeps a low profile without eccentricities and excesses, soothing the visitor.

An island that is famous for its architecture and the originality of its Cycladic beauty. Cosmic and elegant but simple and traditional at the same time, Sifnos is full of contradictions.




One of the diamonds of the Cyclades. It is the “new Santorini” and the “new Mykonos”. It is one of the smallest and most picturesque Cycladic islands, with 32 square kilometers of land and about 650 permanent residents.

The landscape is so wild and charming! Its shores are steep and form many capes… but with a sea! Aaaa!!!



6th DAY (Thursday)SANTORINI


Welcome to one of the most beautiful Greek islands and the most romantic destination in Greece! That island distinct from the others… a unique geological phenomenon, a brilliant majestic state built on the edge of the cliff, with picturesque hamlets, cobblestone streets, cave houses, dug in the volcanic rocks, either whole or with additional built.

The “Pompeii Aegean” Houses built on volcanic terrain, with the simple Cycladic lines and with a unique architectural “innovation”. Meet one of the most important cultures of the Aegean. Dive into the mysterious seabed of Santorini, see its famous sunset not described in words, try its unique wines from volcanic vineyards that count over 3,200 years of life.

Beaches full of color… Dive into beaches with black, red and white sand or colorful pebbles and sculptured by the salt and wind rocks. A unique setting that you will not find anywhere else in Greece… For lovers of good food… Santorini at your table! Overlooking the endless blue, traditional Mediterranean cuisine and the unique white and red wines of Santorini will take your mood off.

The sunset, every year is attracting couples to the volcanic island to enjoy the amazing view from the balcony of the Caldera. It is the famous sunset of all Santorini. A unique sight for your eyes only. Santorini is full of love…




Meet the most exotic island of the Aegean. It is an island beyond the ordinary. Take your boat and enjoy the colorful kaleidoscope of the beaches of Milos in all its splendor. Take a stroll in the picturesque colorful settlement on the water, where the harbor of ancient Milos was.

Wander around the settlement and wait for the sunset… The beaches of Milos are special and the most beautiful of the Cyclades. The Pirates of the Middle Ages had their lakes on the island of Milos… Their traces will be found in Kleftiko.


The famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos, which is now in the Louvre Museum (Paris), was found in Milos in 1820, while the copy is located at the Milos archaeological museum in Plaka.

Visit small and picturesque seaside villages and … … taste the famous delicious lobster lobster.

The morning return to Athens.

Have a good trip!


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