Croatian Islands or Greek Island hopping?

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Do you plan a vacation and are you wondering where to go to see the most beautiful views? Do you check the best Croatian islands? Are you encouraged by great opinions about Greek island hopping? It will be the best to choose both!

The best Croatian islands – is it worth to see it?

Croatia, although small, boasts an extremely diverse landscape and a wonderful coastline of almost two thousand kilometers. In addition, it is definitely right, boasts the impressive wealth of many of the best Croatian islands, mostly uninhabited, pristine, truly fairy-tale. There are larger islands among them, such as Krk or Cres, and small islands scattered like Kornati and Lastovo. Each of these Croatian corners is different and unique in its own way.

The island of Krk

It is the largest island of the Croatian part of the Adriatic. On the area of 410 km2, we find beautiful landscapes, holiday resorts, atmospheric towns and monuments. The island of Krk is connected by a bridge with the mainland and has an international airport Rijeka, which makes it the most accessible from the Croatian islands.


It is a mountainous corner covered with dense forests and cypresses. Korcula is sometimes called the “island of travelers” – it was here that the famous Venetian discoverer, Marco Polo, was born.


It is the greenest island in the Adriatic. Quiet, virgin, mountainous, overgrown with a thick Mediterranean forest. The biggest attraction of Mljet is the national park of the same name stretching around two reservoirs: Malo jezero and Veliko jezero.

Kornati Islands

It is one of the most beautiful archipelagos on the Mediterranean coast. It consists of a cluster of 150 islands and islets scattered over an area of about 320 km2. Kornati is a dream place for fans of diving, sailors and lovers of peaceful rest – the islands are almost uninhabited.

In addition to holidays on the best Croatian islands, we also propose Greek island hopping. Holidays in Greece must be the best in your life!

Crete, Zakynthos, Rhodes, Simi, Santorini are wonderful beaches, rich nature, wonderful monuments, delicious cuisine, taste in our cups, mild climate. Greece has everything. And the Greek islands above all. There are a lot of them, and one more beautiful than the other.

Greek island hopping is a popular tour of as many islands as possible in the shortest possible time – here, of course, about Greek islets.

The Greek Islands are the azure sea, long beaches and romantic bays, family All Inclusive hotels, excellent cuisine seasoned with sunshine and antique monuments that delight tourists from around the world. In the offer for Summer 2019, you will find many Greek islands, including new ones: Evia, Skiathos, Skopelos, Epirus, and Itaka. If you are already dreaming about the Greek Islands, check out the best offers for Greek Islands Hooping, book the trip and enjoy the wonderful moments!

If you are planning to stay on the Greek islands, the best and often the cheapest option is the flight to Athens. You can easily reach the Greek capital with cheap airlines. Arriving in Athens opens up many interchange possibilities. We can get to the Greek islands by plane (eg a flight to Santorini for 15 euros) or focus on ferries that will take us to virtually every island in the Aegean Sea.

Greece is just as charming a country like Croatia, with an equally rich landscape, places that are worth visiting and other attractions!

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