Top reasons why to choose Santorini cruise

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If you close your eyes and imagine being in the typical Greek island, your imagination may take you on a Santorini cruise. White house’s interrupted by blue domes, the smell of gyro and souvlaki, infinite cliffs that are lost in the deep blue of the Mediterranean… yes, Santorini is so beautiful that it seems like a dream.

There are very few places in the world that have as much attraction as the Greek island of Santorini has. It is one of the islands that attracts the most visitors over the years. A perfect destination for beach lovers, tranquility, culture and good food.

Santorini will captivate your eyes and make you feel as if you really found yourself on the remains of a volcano.

So why Santorini Cruise:

  • Located throughout the Aegean Sea, Santorini forms a group of small islands of volcanic origin, forming the archipelago known as Santorini, belonging to Greece. These islands are known as the Cyclades Islands, and are approximately 220, of which stand out: Naxos, Andros, Tinos, Mykonos, among others. These stand out for their size and for the tourist life they offer.
  • Here you will enjoy the most wonderful sunsets of your life.
  • In August the Jazz Festival takes place with international guest artists and also the Ifiesta, a festival with fireworks, colors and sounds. In September there is another music festival, International Music Festival.
  • You should also visit some interesting historical sites such as the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, hidden under the dry lava for centuries, the ancient Thira, some old churches and monasteries and the ruins of the Venetian castle.
  • Fira, the capital of the main island and one of the hottest spots in Santorini. The city has hundreds of stores, restaurants, bars and clubs. The atmosphere is very pleasant, full of beautiful and well-dressed people walking through its picturesque streets eating a delicious Greek ice cream and taking pictures.

So, I hope my tips helped you make the best of your time on the island if you are coming on a Santorini cruise.

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