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Santorini Cruises

Catamaran Daily Cruises Santorini


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Our Catamaran Fleet is fitted and designed to your comfort and entertainment.


Far from the hustle and bustle of the island, our cruise offers guests a breath-taking day on the crystal water of the Aegean Sea and at the end of the day the Famous Sunset of Santorini.


This is a unique concept on Santorini Island and all the ingredients are here to guarantee an amazing day.


Address : Vlychada Marina, Santorini 847 00
+30 6976767362 (WhatsApp)

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Special Cruises ( From 2.000€ )

Santorini Cruise itinerary

Day Cruise : 10:00 – 15:30 | Cruise Duration: 5.30 hours
Sunset Cruise : 15:00 – 21:00 | Cruise Duration: 5.30 hours
Full Day Cruise : 11:00 – 21:00 | Cruise Duration: 10:00 hours


1st Stop – Our Cruise begins with a stop at the Red Beach for a refreshing swim.  

· Continue along the White Beach, the Black Mountain and the big Light House, south of the Caldera. 


2nd Stop – Palea Kameni for a swim at the famous Hot Springs.  

· You can explore the unmanned volcanic beaches where the spectacular colors will amaze you or you can just sunbath on the deck. 



3rd Stop – Thirassia Island, a fishermen’ s island, for swimming & snorkeling and admiring the unique view of Manolas village  


· Just before we enter the old port of Ammoudi a delicious lunch with wine and dessert is served onboard.

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Santorini Sailing - Our Fleet

Daily Charters 38 FT

Lagoon 38

Santorini, Greece

Cabins: 4Baths: 2Guests (max): 14


Daily Charters 40 FT

Lagoon 400

Santorini, Greece

Cabins: 4+2 Baths: 4Guests (max): 13


Luxury Category

Daily Charters 50 Ft

Lagoon 500

Santorini, Greece

Cabins: 5Baths: 4Guests (max): 16


Daily Charters 56 Ft

Lagoon 560

Santorini, Greece

Cabins: 5Baths: 4Guests (max): 24


Santorini Day Cruises For Large Groups ( > 20 Passengers )

Daily Charters 58 ft

Fountain Pajot 58 | 2016

Santorini, Greece

Cabins: 6Baths: 4Guests (max): 24


Daily Charters 80 ft

Guests (max): 55


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Transfer before and after the Cruise

Full Menu – Fresh Main Means

Snorkeling Equipment

Wifi On Board


Port / Marine Fees

Catamaran Daily Cruises Santorini

A once-in-a-lifetime experience all along the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea.

Our Catamaran Fleet is fitted and designed for your comfort and entertainment. Far from the hustle and bustle of the island, our cruise offers guests a breath-taking day on the crystal water of the Aegean Sea and at the end of the day the Famous Sunset of Santorini. This is a unique concept on Santorini Island and all the ingredients are here to guarantee an amazing day.


Santorini is one of the most well-known Greek island. Located in the Southern Aegean Sea, this outstanding Mediterranean beauty will definitely become a memory you will always treasure.


Famous mainly for its architecture (we are all familiar with its white houses with blue windows,) its unbeatable nightlife, and mind-blowing sunsets, Santorini is actually a geological formation caused by a massive volcano eruption that occurred about 3.500 years ago, shaping the Island as we know it today.


The Santorini Archipelago is formed by 4 islands, two of which are inhabited with a total population of more than 13,000. Fira is the Capital and Oia is the place to be if you are looking for out-of-this Earth sunsets. Being the largest island of the Santorini Archipelago, there are plenty of ways to get to and off Santorini. From daily flights and cruises to ferries, there are many options for all kinds of travellers to choose from. Daily cruises are the top choice if you are the type of person who enjoys a relaxing atmosphere, as well as being able to appreciate all the different kind of landscapes that Greece has to offer.


A day cruise in Santorini allows you get far away from the busy city capital and explore its pristine surroundings.

Day Cruise in Santorini – What would it be like


Can you picture yourself having one of the most amazing experience while navigating across Greek waters? We offer you three different Santorini daily cruises so make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs.


Once you get on board our cruise it’s time to relax and start enjoying yourself but make sure to have your swimsuit ready as our first stop will be at the Read Beach for a refreshing swim. This volcanic red-sand rocky beach is the perfect way to start your unforgettable experience at your day cruise in Santorini.


We will continue along the White Beach, the Black Mountain, and the big Light House, located in Akrotiri, at the south of Caldera. While passing the Black Mountain, be ready to spot its peak as it is one of the most iconic views ever.

Our 2nd stop will be in Palea Kameni where you can either go for a swim in its famous Hot Springs or walk up and down the volcanic beaches while appreciating the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Or, of course, you can do both. Santorini Day cruise is all about enjoying yourself and everything around you.


After leaving Palea Kameni we will arrive at Thirassia Island, a fishermen’s island, for swimming and snorkelling. Thirassia is a virgin island well-known for Manolas Village; its picturesque capital, famous for its colourful houses. Here you will be able to discover fascinating places rich in history and culture that contribute to Santorini being not only an astonishing natural beauty but also a historical landmark.


Just before we arrive to the final stop of the Santorini day cruise, a delicious lunch with wine and dessert will be served on board! After we finish sipping our glass of exquisite wine, we will get to Ammoudi, a lovely old port with quite an interesting atmosphere.

What to bring for your Santorini Day cruise


Just a quick reminder of everything you need to bring to your Day Cruise to Santorini! Don’t panic, you won’t be needing much to make the most out of this experience. So grab your phone (or a pen and paper if you prefer the old school way) and get ready!


We strongly recommend you to bring sunscreen! Even if you are taking the Sunset Cruise as it leaves around 3pm. A water-resistant +50PF (or higher!) would be ideal. Be sure to reapply it every two hours.


Do not forget to bring your favourite sunglasses! Sunlight tends to get pretty intense so a pair of good sunglasses will definitely help you appreciate the views.


All Santorini daily cruises include different stops for all passengers to go for a swim, so please do pack your swimsuit! And because the sand tends to get quite hot during the day (maybe more than your bare feet can tolerate), make sure you also bring comfortable beach shoes.


Snorkelling equipment will be provided for all our adventurous travellers who would love to take their day cruise to Santorini a little bit further! Wifi will be available on all our catamarans so be ready to snap and share all your best pictures right on board.


The crew will cater to your every need so you can rest assure your experience with us will be something you’d always remember.