The Best 10 Things to Do and See in Ζakynthos

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Zakynthos, known internationally under the name “Tzante,” or “Phioro Levante,” meaning Flower of the East, is an island with many natural beauties as well as plenty of historical tradition. From Zakynthos’s pine-covered mountains to its rocky shores and impressive sea caves, Zakynthos has plenty of natural beauty. Zakynthos’s culture, on the other hand, extends from everything from its building all the way to is music, which plays a large role in the island’s long history.

Here, we break down the 10 best things to do and see in Zakynthos. 

1. Travel to Shipwreck Beach

The most famous attraction in all of Zakynthos is Shipwreck Beach, a picturesque beach on the north coast of the island which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! With its clear waters, white sand, and stunning rock formations, along with the famous withered ship on its beach, this is a must-visit attraction.

2. Travel to the Blue Caves 

Another famous attraction on Zakynthos is the Blue Caves. Accessible only by boat, one can sail through stunning caves on deep blue waters and see colors on the caves so impressive you would have to see it believe it. 


3. Visit Gerakas Beach

Gerakas beach is a golden sandy beach which is home to Loggerhead Sea Turtles. The beach is a nesting ground for their babies, and the beach actually closes at 19:00 to leave them in peace. If you visit between May and October, you can actually go and see the hatching of little turtle eggs and see dozens of newborns take to the sea.


4. See Marathonissi Island

Marathonissi island, a small uninhabited island in the bay of Laganas off Zykanthos island, has white sandy beaches, and beautiful turquoise waters. This is also another breeding ground for Loggerhead Sea Turtles.

5. Visit Porto Roxa

One of the most obscure yet beautiful places in all of Zykanthos, Porto Roxa is another beautiful beach that one can only access by boat.

6. See the Keri Caves

You can reach the Keri caves by taking a private boat or an organized excursion. There are myriads of caves, many with an entrance that lets you go swimming beneath them, and others with an entrance wide enough to allow a boat to pass through them.


8. Check Out Xigia Beach

Xigia beach is a picturesque beach with fine golden sand and deep blue waters. Its waters can heal cuts and wounds due to the abundance of sulfur present. 


9. See Porto Zoro

Porto Zoro is another beautiful beach with steep rocks behind which the sun rises, plenty of good beach bars, and an all-day full party atmosphere!

10. See More Loggerhead Turtles!

Zakynthos island is one of the last known shelters for the Loggerhead sea turtle. The bay of Laganas is one of the most important shelters for these endangered species, so go see them before it’s too late!

Enjoy Zakynthos!


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