Itinerary: 7 Days in the Saronic Islands

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Greece has been leading the list of world travel destinations for years. This itinerary, which will take you around the Saronic islands, will help you discover why.


1st Day: Athens to Aegina

Just an hour from Athens, Aegina is a lovely island with a capital of the same name. It also has a floating grocery store near the city. Now how often can you see that?!

Perdika, the port of Aegina, has beautiful houses with courtyards, stairs sided with flowers, and plenty of delicious fish taverns. If you are lucky, you may even get to see some of the island’s natural inhabitants: wild boar or peacocks! You can also go swimming in the turquoise waters of the Monastery bay!

2nd Day: Aegina to Agistri  

Best for a short day trip, Agistri is a small terrestrial paradise in the Saronic Gulf. In Agistri, you can find large pine green forests, sandy beaches, and crystal blue waters. Still, there is plenty of nightlife for those who enjoy it.


3rd Day: Epidaurus – Methana

Methana, a seaside settlement of the Peloponnese, has beautiful beaches and old theatres. Many actors and theatre-geeks visit Methana to see these ancient theatres while the famous build small villas in Methana’s olive-tree forests. 

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most important monuments in ancient Greece. It is definitely worth paying a visit!.

Considered the birthplace of entertainment, the theatre, built around 340 to 330 V.C., has perfect acoustics and great beauty thanks to its symmetry.

Also in the Peloponnese lies an Asclepieion, what was considered a “healing temple” of ancient Greece. This temple was the most important healing center of the Greek and Roman worlds and is considered the place where modern medicine was born.

Methana is one of the oldest towns in the Saronic Golf, and it is also home to many hot springs and beautiful beaches.

Methana gets its name from the chemical compound of methane, which comes from the thermal waters in the area, making the warm sea ideal for swimming, fishing, and other water activities.

4th Day: Poros

Paros, also known as the “little Venice” of the Saronic islands, is a tranquil island with many taverns neoclassical buildings, and marinas.

In the evening, there is a very cosmopolitan atmosphere on the island, with plenty of lights, drinks, and music.

Chora, the tiny harbor and capital of the island, has its own charm. With neoclassical buildings, narrow streets, and its own lagoon, Chora is a must visit town. 

 5th Day: Poros to Hydra

Hydra is a beautiful Greek island that not only has attracted the wealthy, but also famous artists such as Chagall and Picasso. The city/port is cosmopolitan yet elegant, with 18th-century mansions, old churches, and wells.


6th Day: Hydra to Porto Heli

Porto Heli is a cosmopolitan heaven that has it all, from tasteful villas to renowned luxury resorts. With beaches with beautiful clear waters, famous taverns serving fresh fish, and numerous clubs, Porto Heli is a must-see destination.

Overlooking the ruins of an ancient city, Porto Heli is also home to plenty of shops, restaurants, and hotels for you to explore.

7th Day: Spetses to Athens

Spetses is one of the top travel destinations for tourists all over the world. You can even ride an old wagon and explore the entire island, passing through the Old Port, Agios Nikolaos, and Dapia!

With narrow streets, traditional architecture, neoclassical houses, pebble gardens, and beautiful balconies, Spetses is an island definitely worth exploring. It is also forbidden in Spetses to drive cars, providing a tranquility you’ll hardly find elsewhere.


This itinerary will show you some of the best the Saronic islands have to offer, from quaint towns to beautiful beaches, and everything in between. We hope you’ll enjoy!

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