The 5 Best Croatian Islands you should visit

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Croatia is not only almost 2 thousand km of magnificent coast, but also – as not everyone knows – over more than 1000 islands and islets. Some of them are rocks barely protruding from the water, but some form separate worlds. Among the 66 inhabited Croatian islands, it’s easy to find your holiday paradise. Here are 5 the best Croatian islands that you have to see!

1. Brac Island – the best Croatian islands for water sports

Brac is the largest Dalmatian island, located just a few kilometers south of Split. Its hallmark is the Golden Horn (Zlatni Rad), probably the most photographed beach of Croatia (it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world). Golden Horn is an ideal place for windsurfing, but not only – you can try sea kayaks or scuba diving, as well as several other water sports, which have recently gained popularity (for ex. wakeboarding).

2. Lopud Island- the best one-day trip from the continent

It is tiny and there is no car traffic on it, ideal for escaping from crowded in the season of Dubrovnik (from where you can get a ferry in 50 minutes or a speedboat in half an hour). The purpose of Lopud visitors is the sandy beach Sunj, which is reached by a thick, insanely fragrant forest.

3. Island Mljet – one of the best Croatian islands

The entire western part of the island is a national park, which most visitors describe briefly: “a place of unprecedented beauty”. The caves, cliffs, rocks and smaller islands stretch along the wild coastline.

4. Island Vis – the best for tasting local wine and food

Vis is famous for its pristine nature and karst caves (you must visit Modra, Medvidina and Zelena, where you will find not only beautiful views, but also a soothing chill), try the delicious wine and food.

5. Island of Pag – the best croatian island for partygoers

If you love beach parties, head to the island of Pag without hesitation. On the beach of Zrce near Novalja, bars and clubs have 24-hour licenses – during the day you can sunbathe and sip on cocktails, and after sunset the music is turned up louder and the dance floors quickly become full. Zrce attracts young people, and thanks to her, Pag is called the Croatian Ibiza.

Croatian islands are a completely different world. They are beautiful, often wild, not fully understood by tourists. Each of the islands is different but unique in its own way.

When planning a visit to the Croatian islands, we also encourage you to plan island hopping Greek, which will complete the journey!

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