10 Things to do in Milos that you didn’t expect

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Milos is undoubtedly the richest island in the history and culture of ancient Greece. Milos is an island in the Aegean Sea, which also bears the name of a “colorful island” due to the colorful waters flowing around it and the extremely colorful buildings. It is here that the famous statue of Venus of Milo was discovered. Things to do in Milos are innumerable beaches covered in sand, rocks and shells. Ancient theater, catacombs and mills located in the village of Tripiti and sunsets are things to do in Milos.

What are the things to do in Milos, which you did not expect? 
Starting from number 10:

10. Mandrakia

Fishing village of Mandrakia, became famous because of the amazing views.

9. An interesting view of the island – the so-called sirmats

There was built or crashed in the rocks garages for boats, closed with multicolored doors. There are also small rooms for fishermen in these rooms. The idea was born a long time ago, when fishermen felt the need to hide boats from storms, today they often play the role of holiday homes and undoubtedly are one of the island’s attractions.

8. Pollonia beach

The small beach, especially liked by windsurfers. Perfect if you like water sports!

7. Sikia Cave

Sikia Cave is located on the southwestern part of the island, it delights with tunnels made of colorful rocks.

6. Catacombs

These are the underground tombs of the first Christians, located in the town of Tipiti. The entire complex is 200 m long and has been completely hand-made! Interestingly, these graves were reusable – when the body was spread out and only bones remained, the family “sweep” the deceased to put another one in its place.

Photo by: Klearchos Kapoutsis

5. Kleftiko

A complex of sea caves hollowed out by the sea, a long time ago was a shelter for pirates. White, high rocks immersed in the emerald blue lagoon looks amazing! To get there you just need to buy a one-day trip around the island.

4. Plaka

Extremely beautiful streets between white houses, decorated with balconies, where the Greeks grow colorful flowers create an amazing, fairy-tale landscape. Here is also the highest hill of the island, and on it the remains of the castle. It is worth climbing to admire the view of the huge bay of Milos.

3. Klima

A small fishing village, with the small houses which have been built right next to the sea, and their doors and window frames are painted in various colors, creating a candy landscape. The cottages have been converted into cozy rooms for rent for tourists. Spending the night in such a place must be really special, when at night the waves flow gently into the bedroom.

2. Amphitheater

Built by the Romans, during their reign over Milos. It was in its vicinity that the famous statue of Venus of Milos was found.

1. Catamaran day trip

Milos, further south, offers spectacular lunar landscapes and dramatic coves and beaches that can be reached only by yacht. It also has one of the largest, almost enclosed harbors in the Mediterranean and the port, Adamas, is safe in all weathers and has facilities for servicing yachts.

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