10 reasons why luxury yacht charter in Croatia is for you

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Renting a yacht charter in Croatia is becoming a unique experience that everyone passionate about the sea must make. The spectacular crystalline waters of the Adriatic seduce us so that we embark on an adventure difficult to overcome. Croatia by yacht charter is no longer something unattainable for travelers, as there are more and more offers with different itineraries, routes, and options that fit almost every pocket. That is why we are here to present you with all the reasons why a luxury yacht charter in Croatia is for you:

We all know that Croatia is an ideal destination for many sports, cycling, hiking, climbing, and of course, all those water sports that may exist.

Therefore, we give you all the keys so you can realize your dream aboard a yacht charter in Croatia. In Croatia, there are many companies that offer us yacht rental services.

1. Adriatic Sea

Croatia is situated on the Adriatic coast. The Adriatic Sea is known for its beaches, islands, crystal clear water and its culture. This area is also known for its biological and geological diversity.

2. Islands

Croatia has more than 1,200 islands and islets. Many of them are uninhabited.

3. Bays and Beaches

The Croatian coastline has over a thousand scenic islands, white sandy beaches, and busy marinas. Sail through a crystal clear sea of blue water.

4. Sea Life

The Adriatic is home of many species, various animals and plants. You can find fish like gilthead, goby, bamboo fish and many others.

5. Nature Life

Enjoy lush and green forests and farmlands. They are home to many species of European mammals, birds and insects as well as wildflowers.

6. Luxury Yacht

You can rent a luxury yacht with or without a skipper or crew. We at Luxury Catamaran offer luxury yacht charter in Croatia.

7. Yacht Interior

All of our yachts are luxurious in nature so you sail on your dream vacation.

8. Towns & Culture

Croatia has a thousand years history and home of different cultures and fascinating ancient stone towns.

9. Sports

Croatia is full of thriller experience. You can enjoy rafting, diving, sailing and climbing.  One can also take windsurfing lessons. Croatia is indeed an ideal place to live your dreams.

10. Sunset & Night Life

When you are in Croatia, you must enjoy the nightlife and its maritime history. Don’t forget to enjoy Sunset  


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