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Lagoon 420 | 2008

Bases: Athens & Paros, Greece

Cabins: 4Baths: 4Guests: 10

Bareboat or Skippered

3 years ago

Cabins: 4Baths: 4Guests: 10

Bareboat or Skippered

3 years ago

Lagoon 400 S2 | 2016

Paros, Athens

Cabins: 4Baths: 4Guests: 10

Bareboat or Skippered

3 years ago

Cabins: 4Baths: 4Guests: 10

Bareboat or Skippered

3 years ago

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Sailing Paros – The top luxury vacation to have this summer.

Paros, a Greek island located right in the middle of the Cyclades, should be your next travel destination and we will tell you why! Known for its traditional architecture of white cubic houses with blue windows, Paros super small but picturesque villages and white-sanded pristine beaches are a must-visit.

Each Greek Island is worth a visit but if you are a sports lover, renting a Catamaran in Paros is the ideal vacation for you. Mostly famous for its vibrant nightlife and water sports, Paros is the top luxury cruise to embark on while visiting Greece.


Sailing Paros is the perfect activity for those adventurous travellers who need more than just sailing around calm crystal-clear waters. Windsurf, kite-surf, standing paddle, and diving are among all the water-sports activities you can participate in. Renting a Catamaran in Paros is highly recommended to those who enjoy the outdoors, long walks and trekkings, as well as adrenaline and extreme sports.

Paros is the place to be if you are into a more exclusive vacation. Word has it that Paros is just as cool and beautiful as Mykonos but without the huge number of tourists and overpriced activities.


Parikia, the capital and most well-known city in Paros, is a good place to start if you want to discover and understand the culture of the island. Parikia has one of the most famous churches in Greece: the 6th-century church “Panayia Ekatontapyliani”, the protector of the island. “Ekatontapylian” translates to “the church of the 100 doors”, one of them being a well-preserved secret among the ecclesiastical world. While touring around Parikia you should also make your way to the 13th century Venetian Castle and the 4th century AD baptistery. But Parikia is only the tip of the iceberg of Paros Island cultural heritage. Let’s take a look at some of the villages you should definitely visit during your Catamaran in Paros.

Situated right in the middle of the island lies the city of Lefkes. Wander around this picturesque little village for mountain walks and beautiful architecture. The former capital of Paros has some of the most amazing trekkings! Do not leave without visiting the Aegean Folk Culture museum for a deeper understanding of the Archipelago culture. The villages of Naoussa, Marpissa, and Kolymbithres should also be on your itinerary!


Did you know? Paros is one of the oldest wine-producing areas in the Mediterranean! Wine tasting during a Mediterranean sunset makes the perfect bucket-list item to be crossed off right away.

So stop dreaming and start travelling! Pack your suitcase, Paros Island awaits!

What to bring for your private Catamaran in Paros


Are you ready to start packing for your Catamaran cruise all along the beautiful island of Paros? Of course, you are! So keep reading to find out what to bring and how to pack smart for your upcoming voyage.

Although our Catamarans come with essential items designed especially for your comfort, there are a few things that we want to remind you of.


As you are going to spend most of your time aboard your Catamaran in Paros, you might think there is no need to pack comfy walking shoes and a pair of socks. Even if you are wishing to stay onboard or just sunbathing on the beaches, we do advise you to pack a pair of shoes and socks in case you decide to visit the city of Paros and explore its picturesque streets. It’s better to bring them with you just in case you change your mind than having to spend money and time shopping during your holiday.


You should always plan ahead for all types of weather. Even though you will be sailing around the beautiful Mediterranean coast, make sure you do pack at least one warm item in case of any windy day. Best case scenario, you won’t need to use it, but again, better packing an emergency jacket than having to spend one day of your holiday buying something you probably won’t use again once you go back home.

All our catamarans include a modern equipped kitchen with glasses and plates to use as you please. If you are not a fan of cooking for yourself, renting a catamaran in Paros offers you the possibility to hire a gourmet chef to cook delicious food for all of you.


With regards to safety, our catamarans come with life jackets and emergency kits.

Do not forget to pack sunscreen (preferably +50 and waterproof), as well as hats, especially if you are travelling with children! Now you are ready for your voyage!

Pack your bags and start living the most exciting experience ever!