7 days in the North Ionian Islands

Zakynthos, known internationally under the name “Tzante,” or “Phioro Levante,” meaning Flower of the East, is an island with many natural beauties as well as plenty of historical tradition. From Zakynthos’s pine-covered mountains to its rocky shores and impressive sea caves, Zakynthos has plenty of natural beauty. Zakynthos’s culture, on the other hand, extends from everything from its building all the way to is music, which plays a large role in the island’s long history.

Here, we break down the 10 best things to do and see in Zakynthos.

1. Visit the Church of St. Dionysios

Built in 1708, the church of St. Dionysios is a Venetian-inspired church equipped with a bell tower which is the exact replica of the St. Marks bell tower in Venice! The church is also beautifully situated on the city’s beach. The most famous church on the island, a large festival takes place every year in the city lasting three days starting on August 24th which celebrates the church.

2. Travel to Shipwreck Beach

The most famous attraction in all of Zakynthos is Shipwreck Beach, a picturesque beach on the north coast of the island which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! With its clear waters, white sand, and stunning rock formations, along with the famous withered ship on its beach, this is a must-visit attraction.

3. Travel to the Blue Caves

Another famous attraction on Zakynthos is the Blue Caves. Accessible only by boat, one can sail through stunning caves on deep blue waters and see colors on the caves so impressive you would have to see it believe it.

4. Visit Gerakas Beach

Gerakas beach is a golden sandy beach which is home to Loggerhead Sea Turtles. The beach is a nesting ground for their babies, and the beach actually closes at 19:00 to leave them in peace. If you visit between May and October, you can actually go and see the hatching of little turtle eggs and see dozens of newborns take to the sea.

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5. See Marathonissi Island

Marathonissi island, a small uninhabited island in the bay of Laganas off Zykanthos island, has white sandy beaches, and beautiful turquoise waters. This is also another breeding ground for Loggerhead Sea Turtles.

Itinerary: 7 Days in the Saronic Islands

Greece has been leading the list of world travel destinations for years. This itinerary, which will take you around the Saronic islands, will help you discover why.


1st Day: Athens to Aegina

Just an hour from Athens, Aegina is a lovely island with a capital of the same name. It also has a floating grocery store near the city. Now how often can you see that?!

Perdika, the port of Aegina, has beautiful houses with courtyards, stairs sided with flowers, and plenty of delicious fish taverns. If you are lucky, you may even get to see some of the island’s natural inhabitants: wild boar or peacocks! You can also go swimming in the turquoise waters of the Monastery bay!

2nd Day: Aegina to Agistri  

Best for a short day trip, Agistri is a small terrestrial paradise in the Saronic Gulf. In Agistri, you can find large pine green forests, sandy beaches, and crystal blue waters. Still, there is plenty of nightlife for those who enjoy it.


3rd Day: Epidaurus – Methana

Methana, a seaside settlement of the Peloponnese, has beautiful beaches and old theatres. Many actors and theatre-geeks visit Methana to see these ancient theatres while the famous build small villas in Methana’s olive-tree forests. 

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most important monuments in ancient Greece. It is definitely worth paying a visit!.

Considered the birthplace of entertainment, the theatre, built around 340 to 330 V.C., has perfect acoustics and great beauty thanks to its symmetry.

Also in the Peloponnese lies an Asclepieion, what was considered a “healing temple” of ancient Greece. This temple was the most important healing center of the Greek and Roman worlds and is considered the place where modern medicine was born.

Methana is one of the oldest towns in the Saronic Golf, and it is also home to many hot springs and beautiful beaches.

Methana gets its name from the chemical compound of methane, which comes from the thermal waters in the area, making the warm sea ideal for swimming, fishing, and other water activities.

4th Day: Poros

Paros, also known as the “little Venice” of the Saronic islands, is a tranquil island with many taverns neoclassical buildings, and marinas.

In the evening, there is a very cosmopolitan atmosphere on the island, with plenty of lights, drinks, and music.

Chora, the tiny harbor and capital of the island, has its own charm. With neoclassical buildings, narrow streets, and its own lagoon, Chora is a must visit town. 

 5th Day: Poros to Hydra

Hydra is a beautiful Greek island that not only has attracted the wealthy, but also famous artists such as Chagall and Picasso. The city/port is cosmopolitan yet elegant, with 18th-century mansions, old churches, and wells.


6th Day: Hydra to Porto Heli

Porto Heli is a cosmopolitan heaven that has it all, from tasteful villas to renowned luxury resorts. With beaches with beautiful clear waters, famous taverns serving fresh fish, and numerous clubs, Porto Heli is a must-see destination.

Overlooking the ruins of an ancient city, Porto Heli is also home to plenty of shops, restaurants, and hotels for you to explore.

7th Day: Spetses to Athens

Spetses is one of the top travel destinations for tourists all over the world. You can even ride an old wagon and explore the entire island, passing through the Old Port, Agios Nikolaos, and Dapia!

With narrow streets, traditional architecture, neoclassical houses, pebble gardens, and beautiful balconies, Spetses is an island definitely worth exploring. It is also forbidden in Spetses to drive cars, providing a tranquility you’ll hardly find elsewhere.


This itinerary will show you some of the best the Saronic islands have to offer, from quaint towns to beautiful beaches, and everything in between. We hope you’ll enjoy!

Itinerary: 7 Days in the South Ionian Islands

If there is a paradise, you’ll find it among the Ionian islands. The Ionian islands offer everything from traditional architecture and outdoor adventures to cosmopolitan cities and fine dining. With its wonderful climate, turquoise waters, and scenic harbors, the Ionian islands are a must-visit destination. This itinerary will take you from Lefkada all the way to Zakynthos and back, ensuring that you visit all the hot spots among the Ionian islands along the way.

1st DAY – Mainland Lefkada

Lefkada, located near the western coastline of mainland Greece, is known for its traditional culture. In Lefkada’s main city, you can navigate small alleyways which will take you to tiny squares, traditional houses, and elaborate bell towers. The houses in Lefkada are often painted in bright colors and are kept neat and tidy, with carefully trimmed flower beds outside of windows and along the sidewalk.

Lefkada is also home to the settlement of Agios Nikitas, a town only accessible by walking. With its picturesque harbor, abundant greenery, famous fish taverns, and delicious cafes, Agios Nikitas is a great place to spend a day.

2nd DAY – Lefkada’s Beaches

Lefkada has a number of very scenic beaches, with many different coves, rocks, and pine trees. Lefkada’s beaches include Seat, Eggs, Mills, Peukouli, and Amyglossa, but Enkremnoi and Porto Katsiki are it’s most famous.

Banked by steep cliffs, Enkremnoi has a beautiful natural look. Along with it’s turquoise waters Enkremnoi is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece.

Porto Katsiki is another famous beach, and it’s photographs can be seen all over the world.

Nydri a small town, is the largest tourist attraction on the entire island. Nydri is ideal for diving and water sports, as well as for it’s nightlife.

3rd DAY: Skorpios and Meganisi

Close to Nydri lies Skorpios, the island onced owned by Aristotle Onassis, a former Greek shipping magnate. In 2012, Dimtry Rybolovlev gave his daughter Ekaterina Rybolovleva the island as a gift for her birthday.

Meganisi is located in one of the hidden corners of the Ionian Sea. It is however, known and appreciated by sailing who enjoy docking in its beautiful turquoise waters.

Meganisi also sports plenty of luxurious yachts and famous visitors. But behind its high-profile guests, Meganisi has an ancient history. First mentioned by Homer in The Odyssey, Meganisi has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. There are many traditional settlements on the island, including Katomeri, which has traditional stone houses, small shops and plenty of bars.

4th DAY: Ithaca

Ithaca is a central symbol of Greece as it was home to Odysseus, the hero in Homer’s The Odyssey. One can discover the history of Ithica at the island’s archaeological museum. The capital and port of the island, Vathi, is built along a lush natural bay.

Vathi is a traditional settlement which has an intense Venetian influence. With it’s the tiled houses, large mansions and picturesque stone chapels, Vathi is sure to delight.

Vathi also has a small port, Kioni. Kioni mainly serves day cruises and week charters from the surrounding Ionian islands. It is a must-see inland known for its quiet taverns and happy people.

Also on Ithaca is the area of Kaminia, which is a wild, natural, impressive landscape, and home to emerald waters of a small bay. Ithaca is also home to Gidaki, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Ithaca and among the best in Greece.

5th and 6th DAY: Kefalonia

Kefalonia (also known as Kefallinia) is the largest island in the Ionian sea. Because of its unique beaches and green mountains, it has always been a popular destination to visit. Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, is a picturesque village built around the Koutavo sea. 

Kefalonia is also home to world-renowned beaches, which makes it the ideal island to explore by boat.

People in Kefalonia also engage in many water activities, such as sea kayaking and diving which can occur in Kefalonia’s bays or in it’s caves.

Fteri beach is shown below, and it is one of the most beautiful places not only in the Ionian islands, but also in all of Greece.

Santa Efimia is one of the most beautiful villages along the coast of Kefalonia, and is located about 34 km away from the capital (Argostoli). 


Assos, another village in Kefalonia has maintained many of its Venetian characteristics, making it a charming city you definitely should check out.

Myrtos is the most famous beach in Kefalonia and and has been rated among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world according to TripAdvisor!

A destination that many celebrities love to visit during when they cruise is Kefalonia’s cosmopolitan city Fiskardo. Despite it’s modernization, many of the traditional aspects of the city remain.  Kefalonia is sure to impress!


7th DAY: Zakynthos to Lefkas

In Zakynthos music is a huge part of the culture. Zakynthians often gather together to sing local songs.

Zakynthos has much natural beauty, with its pine tree-covered mountains, idyllic beaches, rocky shores, and impressive sea caves. The island also has a lot of historical monuments and traditions.

The Church of Dionysius is also located on Zakynthos and is the island’s most famous. Built in 1708 and situated beautifully on the beach, the Church of Dionysius dons a Venetian appearance and a bell tower exactly like St. Mark’s bell tower in Venice.

Navagio beach, also known as Shipwreck Beach, is a picturesque beach located on the north-east side of the island. In 1980, a ship allegedly smuggling contraband sailed around the island, before being abandoned on Naavagio beach, giving it its other name. According to many travel websites, the beach is one of the most beautiful in the world.

With its crystal clear waters, white sand beach, and stunning sharp cliffs, the beach is a must-see.

Gerakas is another beach in Zaynthos, and it is home to many turtle nests and baby Loggerhead sea turtes. The beach actually closes at 19:00 to leave the baby turtles in peace. If you get to the beach before dawn from May to October, you can actually see the hatching of turtle eggs and see them jump into the sea!

The beach of Mrathonissi is a small uninhabated island in the bay of Laganas on Zakynthos. It has beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and is home to plenty of those Loggerhead turtles.

The Laganas bay in Zakynthos is one of the most important shelters for sea turtles in the world.

In the morning one can return to Lefkada. This itinerary from Lefkada to Zakynthos is sure to impress for all travelers alike. It will take you to all the hot spots in the Ionian islands, and is a must-do trip for any true adventurer.


5 Best things to do and see in Paxi-Antipaxi


The diamonds of the Ionian Islands.

Two small islands of the Ionian Islands in the Ionian Sea. They are located 7 miles south of Corfu, 8 miles from the mainland coast of Greece.

The island group of Paxos has been designated as a Special Protection Area, part of the Natura 2000 network. With the boat, who sails for the emerald lonely islands of the Ionian Sea, Paxos and Antipaxos, he sets a bow for paradise.

Exotic beaches: green and turquoise waters, white sand and fine pebbles. Nature “harsh”, ancient olive groves, dense vineyards and vegetation reaching up to the water.

Top 5 – The tourist attractions worth seeing

1.-Visit Gaios

The capital with the “hidden harbor” …
The boat comes from the narrow sea channel that forms the harbor of Gai and the islet of St. Nicholas. The city still retains features of the original Venetian architecture and architecture.

2.-Discover Longos (Cultural Village of Europe)

Ideal for quality tourism in a quiet and picturesque setting with lush hills, crystal clear waters.

In the harbor you will find many taverns that give a special “color” and are famous for their delicious traditional cuisine, impeccable and friendly service.

Loggos is the cultural center of Paxos, hosts festivals and other musical events that offer entertainment to residents and visitors.

3.-Visit Lakka -A small paradise … a painting

The picturesque little fishing village with its cobbled narrow streets.

Its harbor is extremely popular for those traveling by boat, while in the safe waters of the bay anchor many boats of all kinds and sizes. The olives and cypress trees reach the beach. Explore the small islands around Paxos that hide unique beauties!

4.-Travel to the Antipaxi … The little garden of Eden

Antipaxoi is a relatively flat island with its highest point reaching 118m. They have impressive beaches with turquoise waters and lush vegetation, which makes them a very attractive destination during the summer season.

A fantasy … The embodiment of a terrestrial paradise.

The natural landscape is flooded with vineyards that produce excellent quality wine, which is why it is considered a paradise for wine tourists. Antipaxitic wines have a peculiarity in taste and are sought after because production is relatively small.

5.-Swim in Vouthoumi

Vouthoumi is the best of the two “legendary” beaches of Antipaxos and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is no accident that Telegraph included it in the tribute to the most beautiful “hidden” beaches in Europe.

… the waters are so clear and transparent that they can see the shadow from the boats and the boats at the bottom of the sea as if floating

The tour of the coast is a unique experience that will remain unforgettable to the visitor.

On your trip to the Ionian Sea, you should put them in the forefront.

Have a good trip.


The Best 10 Things to Do and See in Ζakynthos

Zakynthos, known internationally under the name “Tzante,” or “Phioro Levante,” meaning Flower of the East, is an island with many natural beauties as well as plenty of historical tradition. From Zakynthos’s pine-covered mountains to its rocky shores and impressive sea caves, Zakynthos has plenty of natural beauty. Zakynthos’s culture, on the other hand, extends from everything from its building all the way to is music, which plays a large role in the island’s long history.

Here, we break down the 10 best things to do and see in Zakynthos. 

1. Travel to Shipwreck Beach

The most famous attraction in all of Zakynthos is Shipwreck Beach, a picturesque beach on the north coast of the island which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! With its clear waters, white sand, and stunning rock formations, along with the famous withered ship on its beach, this is a must-visit attraction.

2. Travel to the Blue Caves 

Another famous attraction on Zakynthos is the Blue Caves. Accessible only by boat, one can sail through stunning caves on deep blue waters and see colors on the caves so impressive you would have to see it believe it. 


3. Visit Gerakas Beach

Gerakas beach is a golden sandy beach which is home to Loggerhead Sea Turtles. The beach is a nesting ground for their babies, and the beach actually closes at 19:00 to leave them in peace. If you visit between May and October, you can actually go and see the hatching of little turtle eggs and see dozens of newborns take to the sea.


4. See Marathonissi Island

Marathonissi island, a small uninhabited island in the bay of Laganas off Zykanthos island, has white sandy beaches, and beautiful turquoise waters. This is also another breeding ground for Loggerhead Sea Turtles.

5. Visit Porto Roxa

One of the most obscure yet beautiful places in all of Zykanthos, Porto Roxa is another beautiful beach that one can only access by boat.

6. See the Keri Caves

You can reach the Keri caves by taking a private boat or an organized excursion. There are myriads of caves, many with an entrance that lets you go swimming beneath them, and others with an entrance wide enough to allow a boat to pass through them.


8. Check Out Xigia Beach

Xigia beach is a picturesque beach with fine golden sand and deep blue waters. Its waters can heal cuts and wounds due to the abundance of sulfur present. 


9. See Porto Zoro

Porto Zoro is another beautiful beach with steep rocks behind which the sun rises, plenty of good beach bars, and an all-day full party atmosphere!

10. See More Loggerhead Turtles!

Zakynthos island is one of the last known shelters for the Loggerhead sea turtle. The bay of Laganas is one of the most important shelters for these endangered species, so go see them before it’s too late!

Enjoy Zakynthos!


Croatian Islands or Greek Island hopping?

Do you plan a vacation and are you wondering where to go to see the most beautiful views? Do you check the best Croatian islands? Are you encouraged by great opinions about Greek island hopping? It will be the best to choose both!

The best Croatian islands – is it worth to see it?

Croatia, although small, boasts an extremely diverse landscape and a wonderful coastline of almost two thousand kilometers. In addition, it is definitely right, boasts the impressive wealth of many of the best Croatian islands, mostly uninhabited, pristine, truly fairy-tale. There are larger islands among them, such as Krk or Cres, and small islands scattered like Kornati and Lastovo. Each of these Croatian corners is different and unique in its own way.

The island of Krk

It is the largest island of the Croatian part of the Adriatic. On the area of 410 km2, we find beautiful landscapes, holiday resorts, atmospheric towns and monuments. The island of Krk is connected by a bridge with the mainland and has an international airport Rijeka, which makes it the most accessible from the Croatian islands.


It is a mountainous corner covered with dense forests and cypresses. Korcula is sometimes called the “island of travelers” – it was here that the famous Venetian discoverer, Marco Polo, was born.


It is the greenest island in the Adriatic. Quiet, virgin, mountainous, overgrown with a thick Mediterranean forest. The biggest attraction of Mljet is the national park of the same name stretching around two reservoirs: Malo jezero and Veliko jezero.

Kornati Islands

It is one of the most beautiful archipelagos on the Mediterranean coast. It consists of a cluster of 150 islands and islets scattered over an area of about 320 km2. Kornati is a dream place for fans of diving, sailors and lovers of peaceful rest – the islands are almost uninhabited.

In addition to holidays on the best Croatian islands, we also propose Greek island hopping. Holidays in Greece must be the best in your life!

Crete, Zakynthos, Rhodes, Simi, Santorini are wonderful beaches, rich nature, wonderful monuments, delicious cuisine, taste in our cups, mild climate. Greece has everything. And the Greek islands above all. There are a lot of them, and one more beautiful than the other.

Greek island hopping is a popular tour of as many islands as possible in the shortest possible time – here, of course, about Greek islets.

The Greek Islands are the azure sea, long beaches and romantic bays, family All Inclusive hotels, excellent cuisine seasoned with sunshine and antique monuments that delight tourists from around the world. In the offer for Summer 2019, you will find many Greek islands, including new ones: Evia, Skiathos, Skopelos, Epirus, and Itaka. If you are already dreaming about the Greek Islands, check out the best offers for Greek Islands Hooping, book the trip and enjoy the wonderful moments!

If you are planning to stay on the Greek islands, the best and often the cheapest option is the flight to Athens. You can easily reach the Greek capital with cheap airlines. Arriving in Athens opens up many interchange possibilities. We can get to the Greek islands by plane (eg a flight to Santorini for 15 euros) or focus on ferries that will take us to virtually every island in the Aegean Sea.

Greece is just as charming a country like Croatia, with an equally rich landscape, places that are worth visiting and other attractions!

Top Five Reasons to Visit Paros

While you’ve probably heard of Mykonos and Santorini, Paros, an island in the Aegean Sea and one of the largest islands in the Cyclades, is simply a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Greece. With its beautiful sandy beaches, traditional villages, active nightlife, vibrant culture, and fun festivals, Paros shouldn’t be missed.

Gorgeous Beaches

Simply put, Paros has exceptional beaches. Paros is home to countless beaches with golden sands and crystal-clear waters and has plenty of beach bars for vacationers to check out. The most famous beach on Paros is Kolymbithres beach, a beach known for its stunning granite rock formations. Santa Maria beach has plenty of watersports restaurants and taverns, while Ai Yannis hosts nighttime concerts and outdoor movie events during the summer. 

Traditional Villages

Paros is also home to many traditional villages, most of which are found along its beautiful coastline. While Paros’s towns include Piso Livadi, Drios, and Aliki, Paros’s most famous village is Lefkes, a tiny town built on an olive and pine tree-covered hill. With its traditional whitewashed houses and windmills, as well as Venetian churches dating back to the 15th century, Lefkes is a fantastic town to discover Greek history.

Exciting Nightlife

Paros offers plenty of dancing and drinking places, and you can find everything from beach bars to clubs with all different types of music on the island. Make sure to try some of Paros’s local wines and spirits too, such as Moratis, a fairly strong wine, and Souma, kind of like Raki (anise-flavored alcohol) or Tsipouro (a pomace brandy). Yamas, or “cheers”!

Ancient Culture

Paros also has many castles, churches, museums, and baptisteries. Panagia Ekatontapyliani, or the Church of 100 Doors, is a historic Byzanite church in Paros’s main town of Parikia which dates all the way back to 326 AD! Parikia also has a 13th-century Venetian castle which offers an amazing view of the city. 

Fun Festivals

Paros holds many festivals throughout the summer, where people do everything from lighting large fires to having massive feasts. Two of the most popular festivals are Paros’s Fish Festival and its Celebration of the Virgin Mary, which take place in July and August respectively. During the fish festival, which takes place on July 2nd, the people of Naoussa serve fresh fried fish, plenty of wine and dance all night to traditional greek music. For the Celebration of the Virgin Mary, Paros holds a parade and procession at a local park.

Paros for sure will delight any traveler who has a taste for adventure. Book one of our luxury catamarans today and visit Paros for an experience of a lifetime!

Benefits of Luxury Yacht charter

Most charters include a little bit of everything: relaxation on board, fun on land, excursions to places of interest, water sports, shopping and exploring the natural habitat of your destination. If you have any particular interest, be it cultural, gastronomic, sports, or history or nature for example, luxury yacht charter can adapt to your needs in order to offer you the best of what you like the most, but above all it is a unique opportunity to plan the most exceptional vacations you can imagine.

This type of yacht charter let the professionals make this dream come true. Whatever you want to see, any food you want to taste, the sports you want to practice on your own and what beaches, historic buildings and fantastic shops you want to visit, luxury yacht charter can provide everything you want.

Benefits of Luxury  Yacht Charter

If you have any other questions about renting a luxury yacht, we’re happy to help.

Top reasons why it is worth sailing in Santorini

Santorini is an island so unique and striking that for many it is the most picturesque in the Mediterranean. The famous editor of Lonely Planet guides includes Sailing in Santorini among the 20 places around the world that you must visit.

Conceived by many as the jewel of the Cyclades, it can be said that the island of Santorini is paradise. Let yourself go and enjoy the 5 places you should not miss on the island of Santorini.

sailing in santorini

Here are Top reasons why you should Sailing in Santorini:








Tell us when you are sailing in Santorini

Santorini day cruise – 7 top destinations

Santorini offers two distinct faces to the travellers of the Santorini day Cruise. Dreamy beaches and tranquillity by day and a nightlife full of parties, fun and joy.

The Greek islands are one of the most popular and best-assorted destinations in the world of cruises. Santorini, next to Mykonos, Rhodes and Crete are the most visited and best-communicated islands. Practically all the cruises that leave Athens, and all those that visit the Aegean Sea, stop at Santorini.

Top Destinations to see on Santorini Day Cruise:

1. Oia

You cannot miss one of the classified as “most beautiful villages in the world”, Oia.

2. Fira

Fira, the capital of the island, is also very beautiful, and for me, it is the best place to watch the sunset.

3. Excursion to the Caldera

As you already know, Santorini is a volcanic island, and the whole west coast, where the towns of Oia or Fira are located, that appear hanging to the abyss of a great cliff. Just ahead is the crater of the volcano, which is the famous caldera.

You will not get tired of taking pictures; it is what gives the island of Santorini that special attraction.

4. Visit a wine cellar

In Santorini, there are very good wines and several wineries to visit.

5.  Go to the Akrotiri lighthouse

It is located at the southern tip of the island, just opposite Oia.

6. Best Beaches

And of course, if you’re on an island in the middle of the Aegean Sea and its a little summer, then don’t forget to visit the best 3 beaches.

7. See amazing sunsets

Santorini has become the top destinations to view “Sunsets”.

What are you waiting for, plan your Santorini Day Cruise today!

Best things to do in corfu town you didn’t expect

Corfu Town, the homonymous capital of the island, is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. The architecture and urban planning of its historic center, a UNESCO heritage site since 2007, show an enchanting mix of elements reminiscent of Venice, Naples and Paris.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things we can see in Corfu:

Let’s Enjoy Corfu

10 things to do in Santorini

Santorini is not just romantic sunsets, donkey riding and cave suites. The island has much more to offer, especially for discerning travelers. Check what to do and see by visiting one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.

10. Enjoy the nightlife

From cozy cafes and original bars to extravagant clubs – Santorini offers a wide range of places where nightlife is vibrant. In Fira, you can have a drink at Franco’s Café Bar, Tropical and Tango Bar – each has a view of the caldera. Those wishing to go wild should visit the famous Koo Club and Mamounia Club.

9. Enjoy cultural attractions

In the summer there is a series of cultural and artistic events. Among the festivals, deserves Vedema (which means winemaking) taking place in the SantoWines winery on the first Saturday of August and a spectacular show of Ifestia fireworks referring to the volcano eruption in the second half of August. An interesting place is the Santorini Arts Factory (SAF) in Vlyhad, where there are, among others, concerts, dance performances, and educational programs for children are organized.

8. See the lost Atlantis

Akrotiri boasts a neighborhood with some of the most beautiful Santorini beaches, the beautiful La Ponta castle and the legendary Aegean settlement. The archeological site of Akrotiri is one of the most important discoveries of the Mediterranean basin, called the Lost Atlantis.

7. Visit the vineyards

There are over a dozen vineyards on the island, each of which has its own unique character. Five of them stand out particularly, including Koutsogiannopoulos Winery in Vothonas, where there is a very interesting Wine Museum. On the other hand, in Megalohori, I suggest a visit to Venetsanos Winery, where you can enjoy wine with a view of the Caldera. In the village there is also a traditional, old family vineyard Gavalas Winery, whose owner made sure that his Vinsanto was made in the old style.

6. Discover the charms of the underwater world

Holidays on Santorini is a great opportunity to dive – there are many interesting places worth exploring. These include around the Cape Tripiti near the islet of Thirassia, the wreck of a ship near Palea Kameni and the reef Adiavati near Akrotiri.

6. Choose Ammoudi for lunch

Near Oia there is a charming and colorful bay Ammoudi, which is known for its excellent fish taverns, including Dimitris Taverna and Katina Taverna.

4. See the sunset

This is one of the most popular places on the island, where crowds gather every day to admire the sunset. If you want to find a good place, you should be here well in advance.

3. Take a cruise to Nea Kameni

It is worth climbing to the highest point of Nea Kameni to enjoy the amazing view of the caldera. In a small bay around Palea Kameni you can immerse yourself in hot springs, which supposedly have healing properties.

2. Try the local cuisine

The flagship product is cherry tomatoes cultivated on the island for over 150 years. Capers are also excellent in taste, accompanied by the majority of local dishes and sweet white aubergine. The Santorinian cuisine is very diverse. Next to fish and seafood, it is worth trying a fava served with onions, tomatoes and capers (fava pantremeni), deep fried tomato fritters (ntomatokeftedes), grape leaves stuffed with minced meat, rice and onions (dolmadakia), baked omelette with potatoes and vegetables, most often zucchini (sfouggato) and deep fried white eggplant (melitzanes) – preferably when served with grated cheese or dip tzatziki.

1. Catamaran Day Cruise

An unquestionable attraction number one is a catamaran trip from Crete to Santorini. You have the option of also booking a private 5-hour catamaran cruise, thanks to which you will see the most beautiful landscapes and in the most pleasant way you will spend those few hours of your life.

10 Things to do in Milos that you didn’t expect

Milos is undoubtedly the richest island in the history and culture of ancient Greece. Milos is an island in the Aegean Sea, which also bears the name of a “colorful island” due to the colorful waters flowing around it and the extremely colorful buildings. It is here that the famous statue of Venus of Milo was discovered. Things to do in Milos are innumerable beaches covered in sand, rocks and shells. Ancient theater, catacombs and mills located in the village of Tripiti and sunsets are things to do in Milos.

What are the things to do in Milos, which you did not expect? 
Starting from number 10:

10. Mandrakia

Fishing village of Mandrakia, became famous because of the amazing views.

9. An interesting view of the island – the so-called sirmats

There was built or crashed in the rocks garages for boats, closed with multicolored doors. There are also small rooms for fishermen in these rooms. The idea was born a long time ago, when fishermen felt the need to hide boats from storms, today they often play the role of holiday homes and undoubtedly are one of the island’s attractions.

8. Pollonia beach

The small beach, especially liked by windsurfers. Perfect if you like water sports!

7. Sikia Cave

Sikia Cave is located on the southwestern part of the island, it delights with tunnels made of colorful rocks.

6. Catacombs

These are the underground tombs of the first Christians, located in the town of Tipiti. The entire complex is 200 m long and has been completely hand-made! Interestingly, these graves were reusable – when the body was spread out and only bones remained, the family “sweep” the deceased to put another one in its place.

Photo by: Klearchos Kapoutsis

5. Kleftiko

A complex of sea caves hollowed out by the sea, a long time ago was a shelter for pirates. White, high rocks immersed in the emerald blue lagoon looks amazing! To get there you just need to buy a one-day trip around the island.

4. Plaka

Extremely beautiful streets between white houses, decorated with balconies, where the Greeks grow colorful flowers create an amazing, fairy-tale landscape. Here is also the highest hill of the island, and on it the remains of the castle. It is worth climbing to admire the view of the huge bay of Milos.

3. Klima

A small fishing village, with the small houses which have been built right next to the sea, and their doors and window frames are painted in various colors, creating a candy landscape. The cottages have been converted into cozy rooms for rent for tourists. Spending the night in such a place must be really special, when at night the waves flow gently into the bedroom.

2. Amphitheater

Built by the Romans, during their reign over Milos. It was in its vicinity that the famous statue of Venus of Milos was found.

1. Catamaran day trip

Milos, further south, offers spectacular lunar landscapes and dramatic coves and beaches that can be reached only by yacht. It also has one of the largest, almost enclosed harbors in the Mediterranean and the port, Adamas, is safe in all weathers and has facilities for servicing yachts.

Sightseeing Santorini – exploring in a private catamaran tour!

Sightseeing Santorini – exploring in a private catamaran tour!

Are you thinking about Santorini private tours? In this guide we will discover the best places to stay in Santorini, what to see, the best activities to do and much more.

Known as “the blue and white island” for its particular architecture, the island of Santorini is part of the Cyclades archipelago, in the center of the Aegean Sea. 

Santorini owes its peculiar beauty to a large volcanic explosion that occurred approximately 3500 years ago. Santorini is characterized by its picturesque houses, many of them painted white with blue windows and built on the rock itself.

Exploring in a private catamaran tour is the most recommended option to Santorini private tours.

Sightseeing Santorini 

Other nearby cities

Near Santorini is Athens, the capital of Greece and the cradle of democracy, justice and the great history philosopher. Take the opportunity to explore it and discover its wonders, which are not few. 

In our travel guide you find all the recommendations to organize your visit and make the most of your stay.

Is a catamaran charter for you?

The catamaran is characterized by its comfort and speed, so choosing a catamaran charter to travel is a great option full of advantages.

The navigation is much more comfortable and stable in the voyages. The appearance of dizziness and discomfort is much lower than on a monohull sailboat since a catamaran will always move less.

If you want to travel more safely and comfortably without giving up the speed, you should know that the speed of a catamaran charter is greater than that of a monohull sailboat and the arrival at the destination will always occur in a shorter time.

In the case of the catamaran, it has a very wide surface compared to other boats, with better ventilation, greater natural light input and an unbeatable 360 view.

The catamaran charter can easily reach 11 knots with a carrying wind of 20 knots. The fact of setting less than monohulls means that catamarans can get closer to the shore, where we find the most crystalline waters.

The stability is infinitely greater, which reduces the risk of falls to the sea, particularly children.

Space is much larger, which makes the habitability unquestionably superior to that of any monohulls of similar length. In addition, you can cook comfortably while sailing at 8 knots, something very complicated in monohulls.

On catamaran charter you can have two cabins and a bathroom, providing great independence among the passengers.

When choosing the length, we must bear in mind that speed depends on this. The larger the length, the faster the ship will be. In general, also the larger the length, the greater the interior of the catamaran charter. If you are looking for comfort and speed, look for a large length.

One of the greatest pleasures when traveling by catamaran charter is, you can easily anchor it for swimming, and get closer to the coast or to certain areas that a sailboat does not reach.

TOP 5 occasions to rent a catamaran

We really like the idea that you have chosen to rent a catamaran for your holiday destination, it is certainly an experience that must be carried out at least once in a lifetime and we are sure that you will repeat in future occasions.

If your hobbies are the sea and sailing, then sailing on a yacht for rent is a perfect choice. Rent a luxury catamaran in the Caribbean. Enjoy exploring the most exclusive destinations with a catamaran and make the most of your holiday. Here are the top occasions why you should rent a catamaran

1. Parties

Catamarans are perfect for organizing your next birthday party. Sail away on a crystal clear water and enjoy the moment that you never experienced before. No more boring clubs or disco parties. 

2. Business Trips

There is no better way to seal a business deal than taking your business partner on your luxury catamaran to impress your people and organization that you think unique and you know how to enjoy life to the full. 

3. Wedding Receptions

Why not rent a catamaran for your wedding receptions. We know this is your special day, so why not choose catamaran and enjoy the special movements of your life. 

4. Sailing

Obviously, if you love sailing, then you must choose catamaran. They come in different shapes, budget and features. Quench your trust for sailing and sail away.  

5. Feel the luxury

LuxuryCatamaran has a large fleet of catamarans for rent at your disposal, of different lengths and capacities to fit your preferences. Without a doubt, sailing is synonymous with quiet and noise-free navigation, which will make you disconnect from your daily chores and enjoy a few days of vacation onboard.

The catamarans for rent that are included in our charter fleet are very stable boats with all the necessary amenities to spend the night in them and spend a few magnificent days onboard since they are perfectly reviewed catamarans and equipped with many amenities that you can rent with an employer or without an employer.

If your idea is to spend the night onboard a catamaran for rent, you can do it without problems, we offer you rentals for days or weeks and you can undoubtedly enjoy magnificent sunrises from your cabin, rich breakfasts while making your way the day, as well as fantastic sunsets with your loved ones around. All rental catamarans come fully equipped with cabins and lounge for rest, fully equipped kitchen to prepare rich meals and full bathroom inside. 

10 Best things to do and see in Kefalonia

Kefalonia (also known as Kefallinia) is the largest island at the ionian sea. Due to its unique beaches and green mountains it has always been a popular destination to visit.

– Top 10 most popular sightseeings in Kefalonia 


1. Swim in the world-famous beaches

Kefalonia is the ideal island to explore by boat due to its exotic beaches (such as Myrtos). You may start your exploring trip so as to discover  the unique beaty included among the surrounded bays.

Kefalonia is also known for sports lovers. You may enjoy different kinds of sea sports such as sea kayaking and diving which take place in small caves or tiny little bays. 


2. Walk to the Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. 

Argostoli is a picturesque village built around the Koutavo sea. The natural forming port enables it to be considered as one of the safest port of the world. Just one visit in Argostoli is not enough to admire all sight seeings


3. Visit the lighthouse of Saint Theodore. 

A marvelous lighthouse of unique architecture. If you visit during sunset you’ll be even more amazed by the surrounding colours


4. Swim in Fteri beach! The secret heavenly beach…

This destination will make you to leave behind a piece of your heart with the certainty to visit this place again and again


5.Discover the Santa Efimia (Agia Efimia)

… one of the most beautiful villages along the coast side of Kefalonia, about 34 km away from the capital (Argostoli). The natural forming port is able to host many sailing yachts . In the meantime someone can taste the traditional food in small restaurants that are located there

6. Τravel to the superior Assos

Assos is one of the most significant sightseeings in Kefalonia. A village which has been able to preserve all Venetian characteristics combined with the natural beauty makes…  it a destination that someone definitely has to visit.


7. Travel and admire the beautiful beach of  Myrtos

The most famous beach of Kefalonia….an amazing landscape which has been popular worldwide. It has been classified among 10 most beautiful beaches according to TripAdvisor!


8. Meet and enjoy the cosmopolitan Fiskardo 

A destination that many celebrities love to visit during their cruises. Despite being frequently overcrowed, it has managed to maintain its traditional architecture combined with peace fully intacted.


9. Swim in Petani

Another one mythical beach that someone should not miss to explore…

10. Discover and admire the Melissani cave

It is considered as one of the most astonished places of the world. The natural forming cave makes it a unique geological phenomenon…

Kefalonia will definitely will be able to amaze you !!!

Enjoy your trip!


7 days in the North Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands. If there is a paradise, I finally found it…

Wonderful climate, turquoise waters, scenic and gorgeous harbors. Traditional architecture, cosmopolitan places, green mountains, hospitable people, unique traditional cuisine and sea for sailing, diving and other water sports. The duration of travel between islands is estimated approximately on an average speed of the boat.

CORFU: One of the most beautiful islands in Greece

The cosmopolitan gorgeous island, exuding a nobility, with a venerable Venetian element, historic buildings, palaces, fortresses, romantic Canadas with arched galleries, amazing beaches and long history from Homer’s years.

The city of Corfu is characterized by its intense Venetian architecture element, but also by many English and French influences. It is a cosmopolitan city that exudes a sense of nobility, with its main attractions the old and new fortress, the Town Hall, the cannon, Mon Rope and the great square Spianada, the largest square in the Balkans. Also, Michael and George’s Palace, one of the most beautiful palaces left behind by the British Empire, is also a major attraction. In Corfu Venetian mansions and buildings are painted with the traditional Corfu color of the ocher.

The islet of Blacherna

In front of Kanoni is probably the most famous attraction of Corfu, the island where the church of the Virgin of Blacherna is located, which is connected with the land through a narrow strip of land.

Ponticonisi – tourist attraction of Corfu, which is a natural museum, on which is a small church, the Pantokratoras, of the 11th-12th century.

The Natural Cove in Corfu

Palaiokastritsa In the most famous tourist resort of Corfu, the green overflows to the six small bays The beach of Paleokastritsa is famous for its waters

The Wonderful Islands (Othoni, Ereikoussa)

Favorite destination by boat north of Corfu.

The list of the wonderful beaches of Corfu is not over

… Sidari and Canal d’amour, Palaiokastritsa, Rovinia, Agios Stefanos, Kassiopi, Kontokali, Agios Gordios …

Canal d’amour

St. Gordios


The picturesque village

Σχετική εικόνα

Corfu will amaze you…