Best things to do in corfu town you didn’t expect

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Corfu Town, the homonymous capital of the island, is one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. The architecture and urban planning of its historic center, a UNESCO heritage site since 2007, show an enchanting mix of elements reminiscent of Venice, Naples and Paris.

Let’s take a look at some of the best things we can see in Corfu:

  • One of the most visited places is Spianada, the largest square in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. The southern part of Spianada, called by locals Pano Plateia (upper square), offers a pleasant walk between statues and historical monuments.
  • The northern part, Kato Plateia (down square), is a large meadow that acts as a cricket ground, a game introduced during the British period.
  • Beyond the lawn is the Palace of San Michele and San Giorgio which houses the Museum of Asian Art, one of the largest collections in Europe: an example of how to consider the capital of Corfu as a real city of art. On the Spianada overlooking Liston, a paved road lined with buildings with porches, built during the French occupation. The architect was inspired by the famous rue de Rivoli in Paris.
  • Walking through the maze of paved streets and squares you can discover elegant historic buildings, craft shops and souvenirs, traditional kafeneia and modern cafes, typical taverns and fine restaurants.
  • In the heart of the historic center is the church of Agios Spyridonas, patron saint of the island. Inside you can admire a pictorial complex that beautifully covers the ceiling. Also worthy of note is the Venetian style bell tower, the tallest architectural element of the city.
  • Corfu Town is one of the rare examples in Greece where there are two fortresses left in excellent condition. The Old Fortress is located east of the old town on top of a promontory and dates back to the Byzantine occupation period. Today it is used for musical concerts and cultural events.
  • The New Fortress was built between the sixteenth and seventeenth century by the Venetians, intent on giving greater defenses to the city easily attacked by the sea. Recently renovated, today it hosts musical concerts and art exhibitions.

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