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Is a catamaran charter for you?

Is a catamaran charter for you?

The catamaran is characterized by its comfort and speed, so choosing a catamaran charter to travel is a great option full of advantages.

The navigation is much more comfortable and stable in the voyages. The appearance of dizziness and discomfort is much lower than on a monohull sailboat since a catamaran will always move less.

If you want to travel more safely and comfortably without giving up the speed, you should know that the speed of a catamaran charter is greater than that of a monohull sailboat and the arrival at the destination will always occur in a shorter time.

In the case of the catamaran, it has a very wide surface compared to other boats, with better ventilation, greater natural light input and an unbeatable 360 view.

The catamaran charter can easily reach 11 knots with a carrying wind of 20 knots. The fact of setting less than monohulls means that catamarans can get closer to the shore, where we find the most crystalline waters.

The stability is infinitely greater, which reduces the risk of falls to the sea, particularly children.

Space is much larger, which makes the habitability unquestionably superior to that of any monohulls of similar length. In addition, you can cook comfortably while sailing at 8 knots, something very complicated in monohulls.

On catamaran charter you can have two cabins and a bathroom, providing great independence among the passengers.

When choosing the length, we must bear in mind that speed depends on this. The larger the length, the faster the ship will be. In general, also the larger the length, the greater the interior of the catamaran charter. If you are looking for comfort and speed, look for a large length.

One of the greatest pleasures when traveling by catamaran charter is, you can easily anchor it for swimming, and get closer to the coast or to certain areas that a sailboat does not reach.

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