10 Best things to do and see in Kefalonia

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Kefalonia (also known as Kefallinia) is the largest island at the ionian sea. Due to its unique beaches and green mountains it has always been a popular destination to visit.

– Top 10 most popular sightseeings in Kefalonia 


1. Swim in the world-famous beaches

Kefalonia is the ideal island to explore by boat due to its exotic beaches (such as Myrtos). You may start your exploring trip so as to discover  the unique beaty included among the surrounded bays.

Kefalonia is also known for sports lovers. You may enjoy different kinds of sea sports such as sea kayaking and diving which take place in small caves or tiny little bays. 


2. Walk to the Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia. 

Argostoli is a picturesque village built around the Koutavo sea. The natural forming port enables it to be considered as one of the safest port of the world. Just one visit in Argostoli is not enough to admire all sight seeings


3. Visit the lighthouse of Saint Theodore. 

A marvelous lighthouse of unique architecture. If you visit during sunset you’ll be even more amazed by the surrounding colours


4. Swim in Fteri beach! The secret heavenly beach…

This destination will make you to leave behind a piece of your heart with the certainty to visit this place again and again


5.Discover the Santa Efimia (Agia Efimia)

… one of the most beautiful villages along the coast side of Kefalonia, about 34 km away from the capital (Argostoli). The natural forming port is able to host many sailing yachts . In the meantime someone can taste the traditional food in small restaurants that are located there

6. Τravel to the superior Assos

Assos is one of the most significant sightseeings in Kefalonia. A village which has been able to preserve all Venetian characteristics combined with the natural beauty makes…  it a destination that someone definitely has to visit.


7. Travel and admire the beautiful beach of  Myrtos

The most famous beach of Kefalonia….an amazing landscape which has been popular worldwide. It has been classified among 10 most beautiful beaches according to TripAdvisor!


8. Meet and enjoy the cosmopolitan Fiskardo 

A destination that many celebrities love to visit during their cruises. Despite being frequently overcrowed, it has managed to maintain its traditional architecture combined with peace fully intacted.


9. Swim in Petani

Another one mythical beach that someone should not miss to explore…

10. Discover and admire the Melissani cave

It is considered as one of the most astonished places of the world. The natural forming cave makes it a unique geological phenomenon…

Kefalonia will definitely will be able to amaze you !!!

Enjoy your trip!


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