Croatian Islands or Greek Island hopping?

Do you plan a vacation and are you wondering where to go to see the most beautiful views? Do you check the best Croatian islands? Are you encouraged by great opinions about Greek island hopping? It will be the best to choose both!

The best Croatian islands – is it worth to see it?

Croatia, although small, boasts an extremely diverse landscape and a wonderful coastline of almost two thousand kilometers. In addition, it is definitely right, boasts the impressive wealth of many of the best Croatian islands, mostly uninhabited, pristine, truly fairy-tale. There are larger islands among them, such as Krk or Cres, and small islands scattered like Kornati and Lastovo. Each of these Croatian corners is different and unique in its own way.

The island of Krk

It is the largest island of the Croatian part of the Adriatic. On the area of 410 km2, we find beautiful landscapes, holiday resorts, atmospheric towns and monuments. The island of Krk is connected by a bridge with the mainland and has an international airport Rijeka, which makes it the most accessible from the Croatian islands.


It is a mountainous corner covered with dense forests and cypresses. Korcula is sometimes called the “island of travelers” – it was here that the famous Venetian discoverer, Marco Polo, was born.


It is the greenest island in the Adriatic. Quiet, virgin, mountainous, overgrown with a thick Mediterranean forest. The biggest attraction of Mljet is the national park of the same name stretching around two reservoirs: Malo jezero and Veliko jezero.

Kornati Islands

It is one of the most beautiful archipelagos on the Mediterranean coast. It consists of a cluster of 150 islands and islets scattered over an area of about 320 km2. Kornati is a dream place for fans of diving, sailors and lovers of peaceful rest – the islands are almost uninhabited.

In addition to holidays on the best Croatian islands, we also propose Greek island hopping. Holidays in Greece must be the best in your life!

Crete, Zakynthos, Rhodes, Simi, Santorini are wonderful beaches, rich nature, wonderful monuments, delicious cuisine, taste in our cups, mild climate. Greece has everything. And the Greek islands above all. There are a lot of them, and one more beautiful than the other.

Greek island hopping is a popular tour of as many islands as possible in the shortest possible time – here, of course, about Greek islets.

The Greek Islands are the azure sea, long beaches and romantic bays, family All Inclusive hotels, excellent cuisine seasoned with sunshine and antique monuments that delight tourists from around the world. In the offer for Summer 2019, you will find many Greek islands, including new ones: Evia, Skiathos, Skopelos, Epirus, and Itaka. If you are already dreaming about the Greek Islands, check out the best offers for Greek Islands Hooping, book the trip and enjoy the wonderful moments!

If you are planning to stay on the Greek islands, the best and often the cheapest option is the flight to Athens. You can easily reach the Greek capital with cheap airlines. Arriving in Athens opens up many interchange possibilities. We can get to the Greek islands by plane (eg a flight to Santorini for 15 euros) or focus on ferries that will take us to virtually every island in the Aegean Sea.

Greece is just as charming a country like Croatia, with an equally rich landscape, places that are worth visiting and other attractions!

Croatian Coast – You should see that!

Croatian Coast is associated mainly with turquoise sea and rocky or pebble beaches. However, in Croatia, you will also find sandy beaches. And what are the most interesting places of the Croatian Coast?

Zlatni Rat Beach on the island of Brac

It is a characteristic golden triangle jutting out into the sea. The beach is surrounded on one side by the azure sea, and on the other by lush green forest. The beach looks wonderful on aerial photographs as well as live. This is an obligatory point for everyone who is in the area.

Šibenik and the fortress of Saint. Nicholas

The red roof cascades are directed towards the water. Here and there emerges the semi-circular vault of St. Jacob and the soaring windows of the fortress of St. Nicholas. Šibenik is worth visiting at night so that you can soak up the beautiful views and the friendly atmosphere of open-to-late cafes.

Krka National Park

The road to the park leads through a picturesque mountain gorge. The reserve protects up to 860 species of plants and 211 species of birds, but its biggest attraction is the seven waterfalls falling with a bang. The longest of them, Skradinski Buk, consists of 17 cascades. Their total length is 800 m! One of the world’s oldest hydroelectric plants was operating at the waterfall. It was commissioned in 1895, just two days after the Niagara plant was opened. Both were designed by the same creator, Nikola Tesla.


In addition to the beautiful Croatian Coast beaches, you can visit the most beautiful city of Croatia and take a gondola lift to the nearby hills. From there, there is a view of the Adriatic coast and the historical center of Dubrovnik.


Trogir on the Croatian Coast – because of the large number of monuments, is called small Dubrovnik. The Kamerlengo fortress standing on the very edge of the island today often serves as a film set, and the old town of Trogir was entered in the UNESCO list in 1997.


Hvar is a fabulous holiday resort. The city is full of monuments, beautiful views and restaurants with outdoor tables. The central square of the city, in terms of its size, is the second, after St. A brand in Venice, an urban market on the Adriatic.

Virtually every tourist spot in the Croatian Coast has something to look out for. Croatian Coast is a gem of European coasts! This is without a doubt the most beautiful coast in southern Europe.

5 Best beaches in Croatia

Crystal clear water and intact landscapes are two of the main features of the Croatian coast. And of course its beaches and dream islands: For the family, the surfers, the couples and for those who prefer not to pack a bathing suit … We present you 5 best beaches in Croatia for you to enjoy the sun and the sea during your next trip to Croatia.

1. Banje beach, Dubrovnik

Although small, it offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the glorious sun of Croatia, combining one of the main attractions of Dubrovnik: its ability to be both a historic city and a beach destination.

In addition to roasting in the sun, here you can play beach volleyball or Croatian picigin, declared intangible cultural heritage. At dusk, do not miss its lively nightlife.

Arriving is easy: It is located in front of the Puerta de Ploce, the eastern entrance of the old town. To get there, cross the door and walk about 90 meters to the beach.

2. Zlatni Rat, Brac Island

Despite not being a beach of fine sand, but of pebbles, it is beautiful. The best thing is that its particular form – of the tongue for some and horn for others – changes depending on the wind and the tides.

If you like to practice kitesurfing and windsurfing, it is definitely the ideal place, due to the intensity of the wind that sometimes stuns those who just want to swim or sunbathe.

Getting there is easy: From Split, you must take a ferry to the town of Supetar on the island of Brac. The frequency of ferries is every hour or hour and a half.
3. Proizd Beaches, Korcula

It is an uninhabited island. To get there you must take a boat from Vela Luka west of Korcula and in just half an hour you will be enjoying this paradise on earth. The last return departs at 7:00 in the evening.

The beaches of Proizd are made of white pebbles and offer transparent turquoise blue water. If you add to that the smell of the pines that grow on the island mixed with the salt of the sea, the experience becomes insurmountable.

Among all its coves, three are beaches known as “Bili Boci”, on the north side of the island. From them, you can see the profile of the neighboring island of Hvar and the open sea.

Although it is uninhabited, keep in mind that in high season the island has a restaurant next to the pier and daily ferry service.

4. Punta Rata Beach, Brela

One fact sums up the identity of this beach: Forbes magazine chose it as the sixth best beach in the world. The reason for such designation is discovered as soon as when your feet rest on its white sand, enjoy its calm sea or rest under the shade of the hundreds of pines that surround the place.

It is ideal for families since it has a fairly complete tourist resort, including bars, restaurants and water activities for all ages.

5. Pakleni Islands, Hvar

A pleasure for the senses. If you are for a few days in Hvar and want to explore new beaches, this is a very good option. You can access the islands by renting a small boat to explore the coves at your own pace or arrive at one of the many boats that also offer this route.

There are options for all tastes: visiting the Palmizana marina on the island of San Clemente, where a Venetian family was established more than 300 years ago and 100 years ago founded a small restaurant that still remains; the nudist beach of Jerolim, described as a place of intact nature, rocky coast, and crystal clear sea; the famous club Carpe Diem in Stipanska to enjoy the night … An unmissable destination!

10 reasons why luxury yacht charter in Croatia is for you

Renting a yacht charter in Croatia is becoming a unique experience that everyone passionate about the sea must make. The spectacular crystalline waters of the Adriatic seduce us so that we embark on an adventure difficult to overcome. Croatia by yacht charter is no longer something unattainable for travelers, as there are more and more offers with different itineraries, routes, and options that fit almost every pocket. That is why we are here to present you with all the reasons why a luxury yacht charter in Croatia is for you:

We all know that Croatia is an ideal destination for many sports, cycling, hiking, climbing, and of course, all those water sports that may exist.

Therefore, we give you all the keys so you can realize your dream aboard a yacht charter in Croatia. In Croatia, there are many companies that offer us yacht rental services.

1. Adriatic Sea

Croatia is situated on the Adriatic coast. The Adriatic Sea is known for its beaches, islands, crystal clear water and its culture. This area is also known for its biological and geological diversity.

2. Islands

Croatia has more than 1,200 islands and islets. Many of them are uninhabited.

3. Bays and Beaches

The Croatian coastline has over a thousand scenic islands, white sandy beaches, and busy marinas. Sail through a crystal clear sea of blue water.

4. Sea Life

The Adriatic is home of many species, various animals and plants. You can find fish like gilthead, goby, bamboo fish and many others.

5. Nature Life

Enjoy lush and green forests and farmlands. They are home to many species of European mammals, birds and insects as well as wildflowers.

6. Luxury Yacht

You can rent a luxury yacht with or without a skipper or crew. We at Luxury Catamaran offer luxury yacht charter in Croatia.

7. Yacht Interior

All of our yachts are luxurious in nature so you sail on your dream vacation.

8. Towns & Culture

Croatia has a thousand years history and home of different cultures and fascinating ancient stone towns.

9. Sports

Croatia is full of thriller experience. You can enjoy rafting, diving, sailing and climbing.  One can also take windsurfing lessons. Croatia is indeed an ideal place to live your dreams.

10. Sunset & Night Life

When you are in Croatia, you must enjoy the nightlife and its maritime history. Don’t forget to enjoy Sunset  


Benefits of Luxury Yacht charter

Most charters include a little bit of everything: relaxation on board, fun on land, excursions to places of interest, water sports, shopping and exploring the natural habitat of your destination. If you have any particular interest, be it cultural, gastronomic, sports, or history or nature for example, luxury yacht charter can adapt to your needs in order to offer you the best of what you like the most, but above all it is a unique opportunity to plan the most exceptional vacations you can imagine.

This type of yacht charter let the professionals make this dream come true. Whatever you want to see, any food you want to taste, the sports you want to practice on your own and what beaches, historic buildings and fantastic shops you want to visit, luxury yacht charter can provide everything you want.

Benefits of Luxury  Yacht Charter

If you have any other questions about renting a luxury yacht, we’re happy to help.

The 5 Best Croatian Islands you should visit

Croatia is not only almost 2 thousand km of magnificent coast, but also – as not everyone knows – over more than 1000 islands and islets. Some of them are rocks barely protruding from the water, but some form separate worlds. Among the 66 inhabited Croatian islands, it’s easy to find your holiday paradise. Here are 5 the best Croatian islands that you have to see!

1. Brac Island – the best Croatian islands for water sports

Brac is the largest Dalmatian island, located just a few kilometers south of Split. Its hallmark is the Golden Horn (Zlatni Rad), probably the most photographed beach of Croatia (it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world). Golden Horn is an ideal place for windsurfing, but not only – you can try sea kayaks or scuba diving, as well as several other water sports, which have recently gained popularity (for ex. wakeboarding).

2. Lopud Island- the best one-day trip from the continent

It is tiny and there is no car traffic on it, ideal for escaping from crowded in the season of Dubrovnik (from where you can get a ferry in 50 minutes or a speedboat in half an hour). The purpose of Lopud visitors is the sandy beach Sunj, which is reached by a thick, insanely fragrant forest.

3. Island Mljet – one of the best Croatian islands

The entire western part of the island is a national park, which most visitors describe briefly: “a place of unprecedented beauty”. The caves, cliffs, rocks and smaller islands stretch along the wild coastline.

4. Island Vis – the best for tasting local wine and food

Vis is famous for its pristine nature and karst caves (you must visit Modra, Medvidina and Zelena, where you will find not only beautiful views, but also a soothing chill), try the delicious wine and food.

5. Island of Pag – the best croatian island for partygoers

If you love beach parties, head to the island of Pag without hesitation. On the beach of Zrce near Novalja, bars and clubs have 24-hour licenses – during the day you can sunbathe and sip on cocktails, and after sunset the music is turned up louder and the dance floors quickly become full. Zrce attracts young people, and thanks to her, Pag is called the Croatian Ibiza.

Croatian islands are a completely different world. They are beautiful, often wild, not fully understood by tourists. Each of the islands is different but unique in its own way.

When planning a visit to the Croatian islands, we also encourage you to plan island hopping Greek, which will complete the journey!

Is a catamaran charter for you?

The catamaran is characterized by its comfort and speed, so choosing a catamaran charter to travel is a great option full of advantages.

The navigation is much more comfortable and stable in the voyages. The appearance of dizziness and discomfort is much lower than on a monohull sailboat since a catamaran will always move less.

If you want to travel more safely and comfortably without giving up the speed, you should know that the speed of a catamaran charter is greater than that of a monohull sailboat and the arrival at the destination will always occur in a shorter time.

In the case of the catamaran, it has a very wide surface compared to other boats, with better ventilation, greater natural light input and an unbeatable 360 view.

The catamaran charter can easily reach 11 knots with a carrying wind of 20 knots. The fact of setting less than monohulls means that catamarans can get closer to the shore, where we find the most crystalline waters.

The stability is infinitely greater, which reduces the risk of falls to the sea, particularly children.

Space is much larger, which makes the habitability unquestionably superior to that of any monohulls of similar length. In addition, you can cook comfortably while sailing at 8 knots, something very complicated in monohulls.

On catamaran charter you can have two cabins and a bathroom, providing great independence among the passengers.

When choosing the length, we must bear in mind that speed depends on this. The larger the length, the faster the ship will be. In general, also the larger the length, the greater the interior of the catamaran charter. If you are looking for comfort and speed, look for a large length.

One of the greatest pleasures when traveling by catamaran charter is, you can easily anchor it for swimming, and get closer to the coast or to certain areas that a sailboat does not reach.

3 best and hidden Dubrovnik beaches

We are going to give you all the information on one of the most beautiful places in Europe. We are referring to Dubrovnik, a coastal city in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this city is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, both for its great cultural offer and its beautiful beaches.

Today we will tell you about its best and hidden beaches. Would you like to join us?

1. Banje Beach

First of all, we want to talk about Banje beach, one of the best known in Dubrovnik. Located near the historic center of the city, it offers impeccable turquoise waters. On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that it is an ideal beach for families, as it is safe and is adapted for children. In addition, you will find chiringuitos, restaurants and different services here.

2. Sveti Jakov Beach

We also want to talk about Sveti Jakov, also known as Sv Jakov. Despite being one of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik, you will not find as many people as in other sandy areas of the island. It is a small cove located under the church of San Jacobo. To get to it you must go down a steep staircase, but the road is worth it. There you will find a sandy and pebble beach with stunning views of the old city and the island of Lokrum.

3. Island of Lokrum

Finally, we want to tell you about the island of Lokrum, which is only 10 minutes by boat from the city. It is an uninhabited place that offers beautiful beaches surrounded by forests. There are many who say that this is where you can find the best beaches of Dubrovnik.

We hope you like all the information and visit one among the three best and hidden beaches of Dubrovnik

TOP 5 occasions to rent a catamaran

We really like the idea that you have chosen to rent a catamaran for your holiday destination, it is certainly an experience that must be carried out at least once in a lifetime and we are sure that you will repeat in future occasions.

If your hobbies are the sea and sailing, then sailing on a yacht for rent is a perfect choice. Rent a luxury catamaran in the Caribbean. Enjoy exploring the most exclusive destinations with a catamaran and make the most of your holiday. Here are the top occasions why you should rent a catamaran

1. Parties

Catamarans are perfect for organizing your next birthday party. Sail away on a crystal clear water and enjoy the moment that you never experienced before. No more boring clubs or disco parties. 

2. Business Trips

There is no better way to seal a business deal than taking your business partner on your luxury catamaran to impress your people and organization that you think unique and you know how to enjoy life to the full. 

3. Wedding Receptions

Why not rent a catamaran for your wedding receptions. We know this is your special day, so why not choose catamaran and enjoy the special movements of your life. 

4. Sailing

Obviously, if you love sailing, then you must choose catamaran. They come in different shapes, budget and features. Quench your trust for sailing and sail away.  

5. Feel the luxury

LuxuryCatamaran has a large fleet of catamarans for rent at your disposal, of different lengths and capacities to fit your preferences. Without a doubt, sailing is synonymous with quiet and noise-free navigation, which will make you disconnect from your daily chores and enjoy a few days of vacation onboard.

The catamarans for rent that are included in our charter fleet are very stable boats with all the necessary amenities to spend the night in them and spend a few magnificent days onboard since they are perfectly reviewed catamarans and equipped with many amenities that you can rent with an employer or without an employer.

If your idea is to spend the night onboard a catamaran for rent, you can do it without problems, we offer you rentals for days or weeks and you can undoubtedly enjoy magnificent sunrises from your cabin, rich breakfasts while making your way the day, as well as fantastic sunsets with your loved ones around. All rental catamarans come fully equipped with cabins and lounge for rest, fully equipped kitchen to prepare rich meals and full bathroom inside.