The 10 Best Things to Do and See in Corfu

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If there is a paradise, you will find it in Corfu. With its warm weather, turquoise waters, and gorgeous harbors, Corfu is a must-visit destination. Corfu, also filled with traditional architecture, cosmopolitan beaches, and great mountains, is the perfect destination to taste authentic Greek cuisine, play in its waters, and explore a unique island.

Cosmopolitan yet historic, Corfu has plenty of Venetian-inspired buildings, old fortresses, and other sites reminiscent of Homer’s famous works. 

Top 10 Things to Do and See in Corfu

1. Visit its City Center

The architecture in the central city of Corfu not only has Venetian influences, but also English and French influences as well. Its main attractions include the Old Fortress, the town hall, Mon Repos villa, and Spianada park, the largest park in all of the Balkans. Moreover, St. Michael and George’s Palace, one of the most beautiful buildings left behind by the British Empire, is also a major attraction. In Corfu, Venetian mansions and building are painted in the traditional color ochre, a natural clay earth pigment with a color ranging from yellow to deep orange to brown. Corfu is so special, that it was actually named a UNESCO world heritage site!

2. See the Liston Monument

The Liston monument is a perfect place for romantic strolls, coffee, or a quick bite. People in Corfu are especially proud of their cuisine. Traditional dishes include “pastitsada,” “sofrito,” and “bourdeto”.

3. Walk the Islet of Blachernae

Probably the most famous attraction in Corfu, Blachernae is the island where the church of the Virgin of Blachernae is located, and is a must-visit destination. 

4. Visit Pontikonisi
Another famous tourist attraction, the small islet of Pontikonisi has a beautiful little church and a museum with contains artifacts from the 11th and 12th centuries.

 5. Travel to the Natural Cove in Corfu

The natural cove in Corfu is ideal for fishing and/or diving. Add in a boat tour for a special visit to the island of and some delicious seafood. 

 6. See Palaiokastritsa

The most famous village in Corfu, Palaiokastritsa is a natural paradise famous for its greenery and blue waters. It has six small bays, and is perfect for divers and other watersports enthusiasts. The Achilleon diving center offers unique explorations of Palaiokastritsa’s marine life.

 7. Visit the Islands of Othonoi and Ereikoussa

The islands of Othonoi and Ereikoussa are perfect destinations to visit by boat from Corfu. Characterized as small paradises, they are situated at the northwestern tip of Corfu. Shown below is the cave of Calypso, which is home to emerald waters and where, according to legend, the nymph of Calypso detained Odysseus (from Homer’s The Odyssey) for seven years.

 8. See the Canal d’Amour

See the Canal d’Amour, a turquoise-colored canal where the wind and water smoothed the rocks to it’s sides, making the canal a famous “work of art” unique to all of Greece and the wider southeastern region of the Mediterranean. 

9. Check Out Rovinia Beach

Rovina beach is a small, beautiful, isolated beach hidden in western Corfu. The beach’s shoreline literally collapses into the sea, creating a natural dam on Corfu’s coast. Rovina is considered to be the most beautiful beach in all of Corfu.

Also, be sure to check out Corfu’s many other magnificent beaches, including Sidari beach, Stefanos beach, Kassiopi beach, and Kontokali beach.

 10. Visit St. Gordios and Agios Stefanos

These two stunning beaches on the western coast of Corfu are nestled in the roots of lush green mountains and surrounded by golden-colored olive trees.



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