10 Best things to do and see in Lefkas

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 If there is a paradise, I finally found him…

Wonderful climate, turquoise waters, scenic and gorgeous harbors. Traditional architecture, cosmopolitan places, green mountains, hospitable people, unique traditional cuisine and sea not sailing for sailing, diving and other water sports.


The island of Lefkada situated very close to the coasts of western mainland Greece, it is connected to a navigable bridge about 50 meters long. Together with Evia are the two unique islands in Greece where access is also possible by road.

The vibrant city of Lefkada invites you to its culture as to all the Ionian islands.  Lefkada has the recipe for perfect holidays.

The island of Lefkada Situated very close to the coasts of western mainland Greece, it is connected to a navigable bridge about 50 meters long. Together with Evia are the two unique islands in Greece where access is also possible by road.

Top-10 Worth seeing – The tourist attractions of Lefkada


1.-A walk in the city of Lefkada

Walk in the beautiful alleys, which will take you to small squares and watch the traditional houses, the elaborate bell towers and the paved footpaths. Here you will see houses painted in colors gently, trimmed with flowers and neat. With a walk, you will discover other surprises.


2.-Wander around the castle of Agia Mavra

The castle of Agia Mavra, which dominates at the entrance of the island of Lefkada, is one of the most imposing medieval buildings in Greece and is a standard of fortification art of that time. The castle is built in 1300 on an islet, next to the entrance of the island!


3.-Nydri …for nightlife and not only

Nydri is considered to be the largest tourist resort on the island. It is ideal for diving and water sports, while there is also the pulse of the nightlife of the island! For sailing enthusiasts the islands of Lefkada are among the most popular destinations

Sailing Lefkada


4.-Scorpios: See the island of Onassis

Close to Nydri, one of the most famous islands in Greece and all over the world: Scorpios, the resort of the magnate Aristotle Onassis, his cherished island, his “shelter”. 2012 was bought by Russian mogul Dmitry Ribolovlev as a gift for his daughter’s birthday.

The island of Scorpio, acquired by the golden heir of Aristotle Onassis, Athena, is covered by a special protection regime, since the entire area it NATURA 


5.-Visit Agios Nikitas

The car is forbidden here. The traditional settlement of Agios Nikitas will get to know him walking. A picturesque harbor, green everywhere, fish taverns, cafes and bars in the waves, stone houses glued …


6.-Discover Meganisi

We are in Prigiponnisia, a small island complex that sails to the Ionian Sea. The tiny Meganissi is undoubtedly one of the hidden corners of the Ionian Sea, a place unknown to many, but it welcomes those who want to spend peaceful and carefree moments near it. It is known and loved by sailing enthusiasts looking for anchorage in its dozens of windy bays with turquoise waters.

And remember that behind the luxurious yachts and famous visitors there is an ancient history: Meganisi is inhabited since the Neolithic era and was first mentioned by Homer in the Odyssey. Two traditional settlements, also in the northern part, embellish your summer frame in the green island. Above Vathy, Katomeri reminds of a neighborhood of old with stone houses, small shops and bars for those who do not say “no” in the nightlife


The most popular beaches of Lefkada.

Exotic beaches, coves, rocks cut vertically, pine trees that reach up to the water. Seat, Eggs, Mill, Peukouli, Mills, Amyglossa.

And the ”star” of the island, Porto Katsiki and Enkremnoi

7.-Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki is one of the most famous beaches.It has been ranked among the top six beaches of the Mediterranean. It is photographed and renowned all over the world.



8.- And whatever you visit Enkremnoi

…  the un the unreal natural scenery and the stairs on the cliff. The beach has unreal beauty and wildness! turquoise waters, which we would say reminds of the Caribbean. One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece! 



9.-For nature lovers …The waterfalls in Dimosari

For a short drive from Nydri, a wonderful location welcomes nature lovers and ecotourist enthusiasts.

The Dimosari Gorge is an area with a wonderful natural environment, ideal for a pleasant and invigorating hiking trail. Follow the shady path below the plane trees to find yourself in a unique revelation: from the huge rocks, water drops violently into a blue lake. You will not resist swim.


10.-And do not forget the lentils of the Envelope

For its uniqueness, the lentil Evelubi has been distinguished worldwide. Small production, but great … taste. They are cooked by the women of the village at the festival of Agios Donatos on the 7th of August, on the plateau with the big wells above the village. The feast on your plate.


Lefkada will also win your heart.

Enjoy your trip!


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