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Weekly Charter
Weekly Charter

Lagoon 420 | 2008

Bases: Athens & Paros, Greece

Cabins: 4Baths: 4Guests: 10

Bareboat or Skippered

2 years ago

Cabins: 4Baths: 4Guests: 10

Bareboat or Skippered

Weekly Charter 40 FT
Weekly Charter 40 FT

Lagoon 400 S2 | 2016

Paros, Athens

Cabins: 4Baths: 4Guests: 10

Bareboat or Skippered

3 years ago

Cabins: 4Baths: 4Guests: 10

Bareboat or Skippered

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Sailing Athens – A once-in-a lifetime experience


Have you ever pictured yourself sailing all across Athens and being able to stop at any place you want, whenever you want? Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Athens Catamaran is the luxurious vacation you’ve always dreamt of.

The capital of Greece, the biggest one of all Greek cities, is known worldwide mainly for its cultural heritage as well as its landscapes. With a metropolitan area of over 3.8 million people, this city comes across as the place to visit if you wish to hire a Catamaran and sail across Greece top locations.

The city itself consists of tons of different cultural spots for you to tour around and get lost in. You can stroll along its beautiful streets and visit some of the museums, grab a bite of your favourite national dish, or sit in a cafe and observe the vibrant city atmosphere. While touring the city centre you will realize that it was built over a hilly area and is surrounded by tons of hills, making it a very challenging but enjoyable city to walk on.


Even if you are the type of person who would rather spend all of your time sailing around and just stop in pristine beaches and off-the-beaten-path landscapes, it is extremely recommended to stop at least one day in the city center and visit the Parthenon. Standing inside one of the most important ruins of our time is an experience you need to live. Its foundation dates from around 7.000 B.C.; no need to say its history might be one of the most interesting all over the world as it is one of the more ancient communities.


Sailing Athens, Greece most important economic and political center becomes a terrific experience when combined with visits to its landscapes far away from the city hassle; places you can only reach while sailing on a luxurious Catamaran in Athens.

As Athens has a subtropical Mediterranean weather, summers do get hot, but as humidity is not as high as you might expect, you can definitely enjoy yourself if you visit during this season. Rains take place during winter time but it only rains around 70 days per year, so be ready to just have an awesome time no matter when you decide to rent a Catamaran in Athens.


Getting there is quite easy, as Athens is one of the most visited cities in Greece. If you are already in the country you can either arrive by bus, plane, or train.

What to bring for your private Catamaran in Athens


Now that you are all set up for sailing around all the unbelievable spots the most popular city in Greece has to offer, here is a heads up of everything you should be bringing with you to the Catamaran in Athens.

As you would probably spend all your time outside the cabins of the Catamarans, make sure you do pack enough sunscreen and all the protective gear you consider necessary. Especially if you are travelling with children.  Also, make sure you pack your swimsuit as well as comfortable clothing and shoes for when you go about and around Athens city centre and its touristic spots.


Considering you are embarking on a weekly adventure, make sure you pack all the food you will be needing as all our catamarans are equipped with a top kitchen to use as you please. Besides cooking gear, our catamarans also provide cutlery, plates, and glasses for your convenience.

If being on holidays means no stressing about what you are going to eat, how about not having to worry about food at all and just relax while a professional sailor takes you and your group along Greek waters and at the same time a gourmet chef cooks the tastiest dishes just for you? Did you know? All our Athens Catamarans offer the possibility of hiring a professional Capitan and a gourmet chef for those interested in having a top luxurious experience while sailing in Athens.


As our luxurious catamarans are equipped with the latest technology, there are some things you should not worry about before embarking with us. For all the fishing lovers, fishing equipment is provided in all our catamarans, as well as life jackets and GPS. With regards to water, you do not need to buy drinking water for your weekly charter as a fresh water maker is provided inside each of our catamarans.